Live Chat Show # 29 – Recap

On Saturday night  my wife and I held our 29th weekly live chat show on Saturday night.  We were in a new location but we still managed to get through nearly 90 minutes of discussion covering topics like:

  1. When it’s okay to pee out of a window
  2. Why I will never earn a living painting houses
  3. Remembering to check if your mother in law is in the chat room before making an inappropriate joke about a family member
  4. A walk down memory lane featuring bodegas in my hometown and someone I went to school with who joined us in the chat-room

If you didn’t see it last night, you may want to catch it in the archives at the show page.

Thanks to everyone who watched live last night.  As always, we appreciate you choosing to spend some time with us.  We’ll be on the road next week so we won’t be on the air on Saturday night but there may be a secret Sunday show, stay tuned for details.



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6 responses to “Live Chat Show # 29 – Recap

  1. If it’s not okay to pee out the window, it’s at least okay to pee in the sink, right?

  2. betheboy

    Grace, it is also acceptable to use a potted plant in select locations.

  3. JoAnnAttison

    I would like to re-visit the mullet thing, ‘cuz I really don’t remember you with one.
    I know the last time I saw you, it was only a few days until graduation. Tracy & I had a conversation with you near the front doors.
    Eyeliner, yes. Mullet, not so much.

  4. JoAnnAttison

    Do I need to? I think there’s a pic in his yearbook.

  5. Art

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