Anna Versus Cancer

Who wants to do something good today?

anna-and-the-ivesTake a look at the family pictured on the right.  That is  Zac and Amy Ives with their little girl Anna. Zac  is the co-owner of Memphis’ Goner Records. He and Goner founder Erik Friedl (aka- Eric Oblivian) have spent years making music fans like me very happy by promoting and preserving some of the best rock and roll ever made.  Now Zac and his family need some help.

Four year old Anna Ives has been undergoing cancer treatments for the past two years.  After two surgeries to remove brain tumors she is still not out of the woods.  The family has temporarily relocated to Boston where she can receive a special form of targeted radiation treatment that will hopefully reduce the chance of the tumor growing back.

Goner Records has set up a special charity auction and a benefit show to help the family with their expenses and they are also accepting donations.

If you’d like to learn more about Anna, the Ives family and ways you can help please check out the following links:

The Anna Ives Fundraiser page at Goner Records

Anna Ives Auction Site (auctions run Jan. 25-Feb. 2)

There is also a great article on the Ives family and the community’s efforts to help them here.

Please give if you can and spread the word.  This little girl and her family thank you for your support.


Tip of the hat on this to Smashin’ Transistors.



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3 responses to “Anna Versus Cancer

  1. Pingback: repost for Will at « Tales from the Gutter

  2. hey will, i reposted this blog on my page. don’t know if it will help at all, but if it does, awesome.

  3. betheboy

    Thank you. Hopefully others will do the same. The charity auctions are now up and running too.

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