This Post About LOST Contains No Spoilers

I enjoyed the season premiere of LOST last night and I’d like to talk about it briefly because something about it is really bothering me.  In case you haven’t seen it yet, I promise to not give away any information about the plot.

Okay, I love LOST and followed it faithfully from the beginning.  I have accepted every crazy plot twist without complaint but there is one development that I just can’t accept and here it is:

Daniel Faraday is wearing a tie! A tie!  A freaking tie!  On an island! Before he was on an island he was on boat!  Why is he wearing a tie on a boat and an island?


I like ties, I wear them all the time but if I was on a boat for more than two hours I’d take it off.  Okay, lets say it’s a formal boat that requires a tie; as soon as I got to a tropical island I would take off my tie BECAUSE I”M ON A TROPICAL ISLAND.

Why is he stil wearing a tie?  Even by compact time-line of the show he has been on the island for at least several days if not longer.  Is the tie going to come in handy later?  Is he trying to impress someone?  Someone please tell me because it’s driving me crazy.



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18 responses to “This Post About LOST Contains No Spoilers

  1. Penelope

    Well, I would assume it might come in later. To either help save the life of his beloved Charlotte? Maybe it adds to the character’s nerdy ways. I don’t know, but I know I like him in a tie rather than not. I think it makes me trust his opinion. Okay, that’s weird, but if I was on the island and he was wearing the tie I would trust him. :)

  2. i might be the only person on earth who’s never seen this show. mostly because i didn’t have cable when it started and you have to have cable here to get even basic channels. i keep thinking i should netflix it but i dont know… do i want to?

  3. betheboy

    Yo do, it is also re-airing on Sci-Fi Channel.

  4. Lisa Potato

    @discotrash I have also never seen Lost and I have no desire to see it.

    Even though I’ve never seen it, the tie bothers me too and makes me want to see the show even less.

  5. I like the tie. It doesn’t bother me. I think EVERYONE on the show should wear a tie. It would make the show more interesting to me.

  6. I’ve never seen it either. I think the first disc is about #8 on my Netflix queue.

    I think the tie is dumb. Even Tom Hanks tied his tie around his head pretty quickly in that stupid island movie that I can’t remember the name of…

  7. discotrash (& i guess anyone else who is interested) lost episodes online arehere

  8. I guess I didn’t notice because there are bigger questions like if _____ have to ____ ____ or the ____ ____ is _____ then WTF about _____??? He _____ a long ____ ____ and ___ ____ seems _____. THAT’s my question. Maybe they had to have a counterbalance to Sawyer’s bare chest.

  9. Perhaps his red-headed honey is impressed with it. Good season premier, by the way. Looks like it’s going to be a long, confusing season and I look forward to it.

  10. Dara Yastrzemski

    I’m completely lost.


    You’d be on the island for four minutes before you took off your pants. ;)

  12. Daniel’s tie totally could have been made into a shoe for Sawyer. For shame… For shame!

  13. You obviously haven’t met one of my best friends, who is also, oddly enough, named Daniel. Daniel would SHOWER in a tie, if he could. I’m almost 100% sure he runs on the treadmill in a tie.

    My boyfriend is also a tie-loving sort.

  14. Funny. My friends mentioned the exact same thing. Maybe he’s holding on to it for some MacGuyer rescue move or something? Never know when a tie will come in handy…

  15. Lisa R. (illuminato)

    I agree. Even the professor on Gilligan’s Island knew when it was time to wear a tie and where not to. Although he did keep his sport coat handy for those formal coconut pie parties, that’s acceptable for stylish occasions. BUT NEVER A TIE.

  16. kim

    The dress shirt also pisses me off as he is CLEARLY wearing a t-shirt under it.

  17. Joe

    Perhaps its more of a trendy style, Brits are big fans of the casual look with skinny tie… It doesn’t really look like a dress shirt as such, so I reckon he’s just trying to be trendy!

  18. Im becoming a bit of a fan of the show.. I think there was a new episode (for the new season) shown last night, but I missed it. Ill have to look for the rerun.

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