More Conversations From Our House

Last night my wife was telling me about the inauguration party she attended at this bloggers house, and we had the following conversation:
It was fun but I was the only one there who wasn’t talking about kids.  So I stayed near the bubbly and smiled a lot.  I guess I’m the crazy single friend.

– You know you’re NOT single right?

I mean single because I don’t have kids.

This definition of single is new to me.  I guess now that Obama is in office things have already begun to change.  Does this mean we’re not filing a joint tax return?

You’ll find more conversations between she and I: here, here, here, here and here.

P.S. – It just occurred to me that  a better would have challenged her on calling herself crazy not single.  After all she is quite sane and I already have proof that we are married.  That’s one in the lessons learned column for me.



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6 responses to “More Conversations From Our House

  1. slackmistress

    Actually, I said “I’m LIKE the crazy single friend.” So there.

  2. So I have a kid, but no significant other. Am I single? Or not?

  3. how funny! i’ve had this same type of conversation, but i said to my husband that i preferred to hang out with the single girls because i got tired of talking about kids. when i named the girls i was talking about only one of them was actually single. the others were just kidless.

  4. A friend of mine and I were recently at a baby shower for a very good friend having her first child. Every single other person there had a kid or two or was pregnant. No worries. We both like kids and didn’t mind the stories. We didn’t have anything to contribute to the conversations, but did share stories about our nieces and nephews with each other. So it was all good.

    UNTIL. Until the extremely graphic tales of vaginas ripping open to expel the babies started. We’d had a nice meal, given gifts, and clearly overstayed our welcome at that point. We looked at each other simultaneously and didn’t really have to say a word. We just stood up.

  5. @jodi omg you’re lucky, my friends don’t even wait until after the food comes out to start the ripping vagina stories. srsly one glass of champagne down and wham its MAH VAGINA RIPPED SO BAD! yet oddly enough one of the main culprits of ripping talk got offended when she asked if i had any kleenex for a bloody nose she got playing volleyball and i said all i had in my purse was a tampon? wtf?

  6. To be very clear, the drinking-est mommies were preggers…
    I did not talk about my children, I did freak out about the number of toddlers, did it show?

    If my vagina ever ripped I would never in a zillion years talk about, I wear extra panties to the doctor just so they won’t see me. You think I’m going to talk about it?

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