Chat Show #27 – Recap

After taking a week off to go to Chicago,  my wife and I held our 27th weekly live chat show on Saturday night (if you missed it you can see it in the archive).  Last night we discussed:

  1. Our very cold but very enjoyable trip to Chicago.
  2. What kind of towels are best to use at a gangbang (this is purely theoretical, we are not in any way attending or participating in one)
  3. Covering the no baby policy (again).
  4. A one to grow on moment about me and disabilities.

Once again, If you didn’t see it last night, you may want to catch it in the archives at the show page.  This one was pretty good.

Thanks to everyone who watched live last night.  I got so wrapped up in my story at the end that I didn’t make a list of everyone in the chat room.  As always, we appreciate you choosing to spend some time with us. If you were there, let me know so I can tell everyone how awesome you are.  We’ll see you next week.


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One response to “Chat Show #27 – Recap

  1. I don’t need any recognition, but I just wanted to thank you guys again for the shout out of good wishes to Little Guy. He’s having a rough time, as is to be expected. : (

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