Ten Years Ago

On the drive home from work today I realized that it was the anniversary of a notable day in my life.  On this day in 1999 I was spending my day off from work  sitting in my studio apartment on Long Island, trying to stay warm and listening to the radio, probably WFAN.  When the phone rang the called ID showed a far away area code and I picked up.  The girl on the other end of the line had been having a rough few weeks and had just backed her car the wrong over the spikes that say “Severe Tire Damage-Do Not Back Up” and was calling me to ask what to do*. This wasn’t the first time she called me to ask me to give her a hand.  She and I had dated, starting in the summer of 1995 and continued to date until the fall of 1998.

Things had ended badly between us but in the weeks leading up to that call she and I had been talking again, almost daily.  When she called to ask what to do I did the only thing I could, I called a travel agent and bought a plane ticket to Los Angeles.  Three weeks later she picked me up at the airport.  After returning from my trip I gave notice at my job and made plans to move.

So that’s the answer to the question what was I doing ten years ago.  How about you?

P.S. – You know what the amazing part of this story is?  That I called a travel agent to make the reservation and then had to go to the office to pick up my tickets.

*It should be noted that the girl in this story is usually an excellent driver.  This incident happened because she was driving a stick for the first time and was very tired.  I was there when she took her road test so I can vouch for her driving abilities.



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10 responses to “Ten Years Ago

  1. transplantmossback

    You know what else is amazing? A jaded, cynical, about-to-finalize-his-divorce “guy” is happier “than a pig in [redacted]” for you.

  2. When she called to ask what to do I did the only thing I could, I called a travel agent and bought a plane ticket to Los Angeles. Three weeks later she picked me up at the airport.

    You waited at the airport for 3 weeks? Or did you go back to the airport 3 weeks later so she could pick you up in her car (and presumably new tires)?

  3. I can’t even recall what I was doing 10 years ago. I’d have to check an old journal. It probably would include dating some flunky and feeling angsty.

    It seems so weird that only 10 years ago you would pick up tickets at an office. Archaic even. Times have certainly changed.

  4. 10 years ago…I was planning a move myself, out of Pittsburgh and back home to Seattle.

    Planning a wedding, too.

    Busy year, partying because it *was* 1999.

  5. ten years ago i was:

    1-re-dating a guy who had left me the previous summer, announced he was gay, changed his mind and got “ungay” dumped me again before valentines day by introducing me to his boyfriend. (guess he got regay)

    2-Prepping to go on tour with a band who at the time was famous and now no one remembers.

    3-still getting hangovers. ive since stopped getting those. though not for lack of trying.

  6. Ten years ago I was entering the final semester of my bachelor’s degree. Ten years, a BS and an MS later and I’m still in college. I’m going to go slash my wrists now. (Not really.)

  7. Hmmm…10 years ago…I lived in L.A. I had been at my current job for a little over 4 years…I only had 2 dogs and no rodents…I weighed a lot less.

    Geez, now I’m depressed, but your story is super cool!

  8. Paul L.

    Ten years ago… ten years… Ah yes, now I remember… Don’t you still have my claw marks on your heel? I think I was trying to convince you that sunny climes and nice people simply paled in comparison to road rage and… well… Wyandanch.

    Sorry, pal. My god, I am so sorry.

  9. Kilika

    That is a dysfunctional messed up kinda way to get together but that is overshadowed by the romance….

  10. flew to LA for tire repair? I am dumping AAA for Will-Assist Auto Service. What is you annual dues?

    ten years. wow. ten years ago, my wife was 3 months pregnant with our 1st baybay. We were househunting and studying all the self-help parenting book (usless stuff, you learn it all by on-the-job training). I had also just scored an awesome new corporate design job.

    blink and here we are. second child, over 10 yrs in the same job and still crazy like a loon.

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