Home Again

After six days in the Midwest, it’s good to be back in Los Angeles again.  For evidence as to why I am happy to be home I offer you this picture:


That is what it looked like outside when we woke up yesterday morning.

As for this morning: I woke up in my own bed, got ready for work, kissed my wife and sleeping dog goodbye and headed for the office.  This may not sound like much but keep in mind that it was 65 degrees at 7:15 AM and I was driving with the windows down.  What a difference a day (and 50 degrees) makes.



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5 responses to “Home Again

  1. As a Chicagoan I’ll just say, “Bleep You.”

  2. slackmom

    as another chicagoan may i say — you got the good weather — now it has really gotten cold –

  3. Girlfriend Prime talks about spending a year in various cities in the future: New York City, Boston, etc.

    After a moment or two, she suggested we alternate north and south. A year in Boston, then one in Miami. NYC, then Atlanta. She’s a smart woman.

  4. Welcome back to summer!

  5. That photo makes me cold.

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