The Snowdays of Smokes and 40’s

We’re on our third day in Illinois and our second straight day of snow.  It is very cold but we’re loving it. I haven’t been seen real life snow in several years so it’s still novel enough to be fun, cold be damned.  We’ll be fine as long as the roads are kept clean.

img00017-20090110-09475The view from the back door of The Slack Family house.

When I was growing up my father worked for the Department of Transportation and when it snowed on Long Island he’d drive a plow and salt the roads to make sure they were passable.

  • At age five this was awesome because for a five year old, few things are cooler than a big truck.  After the main roads were cleared my dad would drive the plow down our street so I could see it.
  • At age 10 I was annoyed at the fact that my dad cleared the roads because he was partly responsible for school being open on snow days.
  • When I was a teenager my dad’s job became awesome again.  Heavy snowfall meant he’d be working well into the night.  This made it much easier to drink and smoke in the house.

My father moved on to a new job around the time I was 17 and he no longer had to make the roads safe.  Snow days became just another for me drink malt liquor out in the cold.



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2 responses to “The Snowdays of Smokes and 40’s

  1. The Girl

    You took that picture from inside? Cold be damned! You make me sick. Just so you know.

  2. I’ve always found the snow kind of a fun novelty when we’ve gone to Utah for Sundance. However, I don’t think I could ever live in it again. I’m digging this 81-degree January weather too much!

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