On The Rodeway

We’re currently in a suburb of Chicago at a budget hotel chosen for its proximity to where my wife and I need to be this weekend.  It ain’t much but it’s got a warm, clean bed, a bathroom and free wi-fi so it will do just fine.

img00014-20090108-20523(The view from our budget hotel vanity: coffee maker, cups, Old Style tall boy, faucet and sink)

Before my wife and I married we talked about writing our own vows.  While we passed ideas back and forth, she asked me if I would include a vow to always put her up in the best hotel we could afford when we traveled.  While we ended up using the vows provided by the minister, I promised I would try to honor the hotel vow anyway. After all, my wife is certainly worthy of luxury hotels.  I’d put her in the penthouse of The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Resort if I could but times are tough so we are doing the best we can.  We decided it was more important to be where we wanted to be than to worry about thread count and room service.

We’re here in the Midwest on a freezing winter night but we’ve come to see family.  We spent the afternoon and evening spent catching up, playing with children and having a “famous” (and terrific) burger at a local spot.  We wrapped the day up with an Elvis singalong and some bad jokes in the house where my wife grew up before heading off to get some rest.  We arrived at our non-luxury hotel feeling wealthier and more thankful than you can imagine.

FYI – If you’re in the Glen Ellyn, IL area, we’ll be meeting up with some friends at Shannon’s Irish Pub at 8:30ish on Friday, January 9th. Please feel free to stop by if you’re not creepy and weird. (But if you’re creepy and weird but will pay for drinks, that’s okay too.)



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5 responses to “On The Rodeway

  1. One of my best stays was at a cheap (way cheap…sleazy cheap) motel by the Detroit airport with my wife in the middle of a trip back east to see family.

    ‘t’ain’t the room that matters, but everything in and out of it.

    ….and what I inteded as a sweet/sincere moment just went dirty. You’re welcome.

  2. betheboy

    Going dirty is okay here. Thanks for playing along,

  3. Tag

    Nice. Remind me sometime to tell you about the time my buddy lost $800 to a hooker on Roosevelt road not so far from Alfies….good times.

  4. Tag

    Oh….and if you get a chance you may find Jesus lives not far from your hotel in that heaven on earth known as Wheaton, IL. Seriously dude, the college there has a chapel that may offer you the kool aid if you ask…

  5. Paul L.

    Ah, good to see you shave with Old Style too. I thought I was the only one.

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