Setting Goals For 2009

All things considered I’m doing okay right now, I have a job I like, a lovely wife and a good dog.  When it comes to goals for 2009 the primary things I want to accomplish are extensions of things that began in 2008:

  • I’d like to continue writing more often and hopefully get my long standing book project off the ground.
  • I plan to through all of 2009 without smoking (I quit in March of 2008).
  • Continue to develop professional my skills and create new opportunities for myself.

In addition to these goals I have a few minor things I’d like to accomplish this year:

Skip Fantasy Baseball – I love baseball and I have enjoyed playing fantasy baseball for many years but I should be using some of the time I spend following a fantasy team doing other things.  If someone wants to pay me to write about baseball I’ll reconsider but most likely this won’t happen.  In order to attempt to write a book I need time to get it done and that will require me to rearrange my priorities.  When I make  list of “time consuming things I can do without and still live a fulfilling life” fantasy baseball tops the list.  My wife doubts I will stick with this resolution but I think I can do it.

For the 35th Consecutive Year Buy Zero Billy Joel Records: Actually I’d like to step up this goal by not hearing a single Billy Joel song but that may be asking too much. I know that some readers of this blog like Mr. Joel and I’m not knocking their taste in music, I understand the appeal but I just can’t get into him myself.  This is because I grew up on Long Island, not far from where Mr. Joel grew up and as a result have heard enough Billy Joel for my entire life.  I like a nice pop song as much as anyone but I don’t like being told I HAVE to like a song just because the singer/songwriter is from the same geographic area as me.  Twisted Sister and Pat Benetar are from Long Island but no one from my hometown ever gets upset when I don’t listen to them.  For my Long Island music I’d rather listen to the Velvet Underground (3/4 of the band was from Nassau County), De la Soul or Public Enemy.

Drink Less Coffee: By extension I’d also like to spend less money on coffee.  I love coffee but I drink entirely too much of it.

Stay Out of the Hospital: I spent way too much time in the emergency room in 2008 and spent a week in the hospital following surgery.  My body and wallet can do without this.

Be Less Fat: I am in pretty good shape but I could stand to lose a few pounds.  I just weighed myself and I am about 10 pounds above the ideal weight.

Visit My Family and Friends in New York: I haven’t made it home since late 2007 and i need to get back home soon.

There are a few other things but those cover the basics.  If you’ve got any goals, major or minor, feel free to share them in the comments.



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18 responses to “Setting Goals For 2009

  1. aliastaken

    I set the ‘drink less coffee’ goal once upon a time. I actually combined it with ‘drink half and half coffee’ (half reg/half decaf), and I’ve managed to stick with it for the most part. I make my own coffee at home, drink one cup in the morning, and then decline most coffee offers throughout the day. I feel a lot better, too. Good luck!

  2. TheOtherWill

    I’m two months smoke free,probally closer to three.
    Keeping too close of a track on it actually makes it harder for me.
    I chew gum and alot of straws to get by.

    I you can get you hands on a Wii Fit do so.
    It is like a mini trainer that is fun to do,with a built in scale,bodyfat meter,and workout log.
    I already lost 5 pounds messing with it.

    My resolution I guess is to spend my money more wisely,stop spending so much money buying magazines and get scripts to the few I buy every month.

    Happy New Year to You and The Mrs.
    (and your little dog too.)

  3. Supposedly, I live on the same block Pat Bennetar grew up on.

    Mr. Wurtzel’s wife graduated with Billy Joel from Hicksville High. Mr. Wurtzel graduated the year after.

    Dee Snider picked up prenatal vitamins for his wife at my pharmacy. I handed them to him. My cousin was his publicist for a few years.

    Flavor Flav is from Freeport — don’t know where he is now, but Chris took his ticket on the train 2 years back.

    You forgot Run DMC — one of the members was Mrs. Washington’s nephew.

    Oh yeah, and Debbie Gibson. It might do you good to break out that Electric Youth album. I know you have it somewhere.

  4. I haven’t yet set goals. Well, I’ve mentioned some vague stuff, but nothing that is measureable and necessarily realistically attainable.

    What I do think I will work on is being more tolerant of some of the a-holes I work with, one in particular, and roll my eyes much less when she is hateful and selfish. Also, I will stop being so trusting of people.

  5. betheboy

    A quick note on the comment from The Other Will – Seeing as how I bought my first pack of smokes with him (we split it) it’s appropriate that we quit around the same time. Good luck to you sir.

  6. Does Kew Gardens not count as Long Island? If it does, Paul Simon grew up there and you can include him in the Long Island music you can enjoy.

  7. betheboy

    Old Man Duggan – For the purposes of this blog I define Long Island as Nassau and Suffolk counties. Kew Gardens is part of Queens and therefore exempt from my figuring.

  8. you keep saying ” Buy Zero Billy Joel Records”. Have you ever been gifted Billy Joel records?

  9. betheboy

    No Swirly, I have never been gifted Billy Joel.

  10. Goiter Guy

    No fantasy baseball? What the hell kind of a resolution is that? Why don’t you add, “stop breathing” or “cease smiling”? Lunacy. Who would want to read a book that didn’t include a fanatical waiver wire freak.

    Is this why Big Gay Uncle Bob doesn’t play? Does he have a book out? Did he write “The Secret”?

    Seriously dude, I would miss you too much.

  11. TheOtherWill

    Believe it or not,Seeing you quit on your blog was one of the many nails in the coffin to make me quit.
    That and I was just starting to really feel it in my chest.
    Bad enough to get a chest X-Ray,when that came back clean I figured 20 years of smoking was pushing it and it was time to finally quit.

    Scary when you think we have been smoking close to 20 years.

  12. Elizabeth

    Quitting smoking…3 days smoke free! How something so disgusting can make you want it so bad is beyond me.

  13. I dig Billy Joel like nothing else, but I see where you’re coming from.

    I grew up in Alaska, and hate Jewel for the same reasons. That and she’s a complete hack.

  14. betheboy

    The Other Will – Glad I could help out in a small way. Chew gum and don’t give up.

    Elizabeth – Congratulations, it gets better from here.

    Elwood – So in a way Jewel is your Billy Joel.

  15. Edley

    I feel about The Doors the same way you feel about Billy Joel; I heard way too much of them simply because I grew up in LA, and never liked them at all. And people give me the same funny look because they feel I should worship them simply because they are an LA band. If you listen to the intros to “Light My Fire” and “The Main Street Electrical Parade” you will understand when I scoff at the “brilliance” of The Doors.

  16. Andrew

    I was thinking of stopping the fantasy baseball this year as well. Last season was no fun whatsoever. Can I second your Billy Joel and hospital resolutions? Another good resolution would be to find out what the hell happened to Bob.

  17. Paul M.

    I never make New Years resolutions, because
    you set yourself up for failure.

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