Recapping First Show of 2009

Last night The Slackmistress and I held our 26th weekly live chat show.  Since this was the first episode of the year we talked a lot about what we accomplished in 2008 (and what we didn’t accomplish) as well as what we hope to do in 2009.  Of course it wasn’t all so self help-centric.  We also discussed:

  1. Our New Year’s Day dinner for 12.
  2. The joys of Live Twittering by Paul F. Tompkins.
  3. My desire to spend time with an elderly bartender.
  4. Our upcoming trip to Chicago

In addition to these things we also sampled some  Mouton Noir wine which was absolutely fantastic.  We highly recommend checking out what they have to offer.  Mouton Noir is also on Twitter.

If you didn’t see it last night, you may want to catch it in the archives at the show page.

It was a good way to start off the year but as always it would not have been possible without everyone watching.  I recognized many of the folks in the chat room and I’m going to attempt to link as many of their Twitter accounts as I can remember.  Twitter using friends of the show last night included: Novysan, Chialynn, Nightcrawler13, Cinchy, Letterkae, Risadee, Maceelaine, NomiMaybe, Sunleyemerys, Drexel, Whereisbryan, ABoyNamedArt, Dogmom, Jasompermeter, Nutcase101, Lisapotato, Vintagecaveman , Simply2deep, discotrash, jeneyepher and Thraeryn.

The aforementioned Paul F. Tompkins was not there but he is on Twitter as Twitterkins.

In addition to the Twitter users there were many other names I recognized and a bunch I didn’t but would like to learn more about.  If you were watching let me know where I can find you online so I can link to you in the recaps.

Thanks to everyone for watching, there will most likely be no show next week as we will be in Chicago but we’ll definetly be back the week after with another episode.  In the meantime here is the archive again.



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3 responses to “Recapping First Show of 2009

  1. We might have watched anonymously and we also might have laughed a lot when you described not trying to kidnaps our friends’ twins.

  2. It was a fun show. :D It’s pretty awesome of Mouton Noir to send you a bottle. I’ll have to pick some of their wine up – your reactions were quite positive.

    Oh, and congrats on spelling my name correctly!

  3. oslowe

    I sort of watched- actually, I listened while shooting up pixilated Miami on the PS2 while annika watched. But I listened! You are a creepy baby thief. Creepy.

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