The Shortest Recap of 2008

Years from now when I look back on 2008 I wonder what I’ll remember most?

Will 2008 be remembered for the week I spent in the hospital, the fact that I quit smoking or that I ended up in a calendar?  Maybe it won’t be any of those things.  Perhaps 2008 will just go down as a year when that I made improvements in almost all areas of my life.  2008 has been a good year.

On the other hand 2008 could be remembered  as the year I peed on my glasses, I suppose only time will tell.



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4 responses to “The Shortest Recap of 2008

  1. So glad ’08 was good for you! Personally, I’m pulling for ’09 to be a good one. Happy New Year!

  2. I love the one about peeing on your glasses. I think that’s what you should remember 08 by. Plus it’s easy coz “8” sideways looks like a pair of glasses. And then the “0” can be the shape your mouth made as you said “Nooooooooo!”.

  3. Paul M.

    Hope you Americans have a good 2009, as I’m
    sure you all will because you know who is out
    of office soon.
    As for peeing on your glasses it’s a good thing
    you weren’t in a outhouse at the time.
    Might have a big problem getting them back.

  4. ah…the peeing on the glasses story of 08. what a good one. hope your 09 is even better.

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