Joy to My World – Christmas Has Come Early

Christmas has arrived a little early this year.  Yesterday I went to my mailbox and found that This Awesome Guy has sent me the complete Get A Life.  For those of you who may have missed it, Get a Life was not  the best show ever on television but it is my favorite show and possibly my favorite everything.

Get a Life starred Chris Elliot as a 30 year old paper boy and his real life father, Bob Elliot, as his dad (Bob is on my short list of funniest people ever). There were also great guest bits from Martin Mull, Brian Doyle Murray and the guy who played the drums on Bob Dylan’s 1966 UK tour (not Levon Helm, the other drummer, Mickey Jones).

For years I have dreamed of being able to sit down to watch Zoo Animals on Wheels, Chris vs. Donald or just catch up on all 12 times during the show’s two seasons where Chris dies whenever I feel like it.  Thanks to a very good man in Texas this dream has finally come true.

On a related note, here is one of my favorite bits from the early years of Late Night with David Letterman; Chris Elliot as Marlon Brando:



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11 responses to “Joy to My World – Christmas Has Come Early

  1. Get A Life was the best thing on during its time!

    I remember specific episodes on Fox: when Chris was lost in the woods with his lucky can of soup, when he went to Handsome Boy Modeling School, and I don’t recall it too clearly, when he was on fighting his dad with some giant Qtips and Cat’s in the Cradle was being sung.

    I hoped great, GREAT things for Chris Elliott but all we got shortly afterwards was Snow Day. Blah!

  2. @illuminato

    Holy Fuck!

    I may need to suggest some TV spouse swapping in the new year. The Slackmistress can come over to my house, watch all kinds of shows about vampires and overly tattooed individuals, and I’ll come to your home, watch Get A Life, and dream together of what it would be like to attend the Handsome Boy Modeling School or die of tonsillitis.

    If I were you, I’d hide those dvds well before I come to the Detective Agency on Thursday….

  3. hahaha, I hated that guy, but then, I didn’t miss any episode. Cool show.

  4. JoAnnAttison

    Never missed a show. YOU are a lucky boy!

  5. “I’m a comedy porcupine!”

  6. Awesome!!! I remember loving the show, but don’t remember much about it. It kind of makes me feel old that Chris Elliot’s daughter is now on SNL.

  7. I too remember that show, and the use of REM’s “Stand” for its theme song. I always enjoyed it, which explains why it was cancelled.

  8. Tag

    Damn I loved that show!

    Irony is that is exactly what my brother became, a 30 year old paper boy. Although he has managed to live outside of my parents house…mainly because I don’t think mom would tolerate the six kids.

    Huh…maybe Slack should write this show where somewhere in Wisconsin is a 30 year old paper boy with….

  9. Marisa

    i passed a copaigue 7-11 on christmas eve and day and thought of you!

  10. The Girl

    Dad is Freakin PISSED!

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