Happy Holidays Everyone

No matter what you’re celebrating this week I hope you have a great time.  Thanks for reading and playing along at home.  I wish I could buy each and every one of you a gift (yes even you) but since you’d probably not like what I pick out I’ll just share this photo from a future Christmas card.


Happy holidays from Will, Nina and Daisy J. Dog (n0t pictured).

(Photo by This Guy)



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14 responses to “Happy Holidays Everyone

  1. Paul M.

    Would like to wish a happy holidays to Will
    and Nina from a very snowy London Canada.

  2. betheboy

    Thanks Paul, we appreciate the good wishes and support.

  3. melissa

    Happy Holidays guys.

  4. Happy holidays! May your days be merry and bright, in all the right ways.

  5. Happy Holidays to all of you!!!

  6. Long Time Reader

    Come on Will, give us all the present we want, bring back DAD OF BOY!

  7. That Santa’s a lucky guy.

    Great pic!

  8. pete

    is that DAD OF BOY dressed as santa?

  9. betheboy

    @Pete – If it was there’s no way I’d let her sit there.

  10. DAD OF BOY!
    …maybe rodney king too.

  11. Happy holidays! Love the photo!

  12. RockStarz_Mama

    Happy Holidays!!

    Awesome Pic!

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