Be The Boy Holidays 2008 – The Tangentally Related Party Post

As soon as the invitations to our holiday party were out someone wrote us to say…”I’ll be there…and I’m making my world famous brownies.”

My not as yet wife and I were not sure what to say. First, she had already planned several elaborate deserts and second, if these brownies were so famous, how had we never heard of them?

We tried the “Thanks for offering but your company is enough” approach but they insisted.  They made it clear that they would be insulted if we didn’t allow them to bring their “WORLD FAMOUS” brownies. In the days leading up to the party the legend of the brownies grew… “they were going to blow our minds with deliciousness,” they “were going to be the biggest holiday miracle since the baby Jesus.”  We got over ourselves and the fact that brownies didn’t fit into our meal plans…we were ready for celebrity brownies.

On the night of the party we wondered: will the brownies be using a car service? Will there be an entourage? What if these famous treats reject us? As these questions raced through our minds the brownies arrived but not in a candy limo like we had hoped; they arrived without fanfare in a disposable plastic container. Not the entrance we anticipated for brownies allegedly known the world over but maybe they were just down to earth celebrity brownies.  Soon we’d find out what we’d been missing.

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever had a world famous desert sitting in your kitchen while you tried to eat dinner in the next room but it’s tough. We tried to entertain but all the while we thought “everyone will be so impressed when they find out what we have in the kitchen…those brownies you see on TV, the world famous ones.” Sure, we had never heard of them but our friends must have. In between dinner and dessert and my not yet wife and I could wait no more, we broke off a small piece so as not to risk being consumed by their supernova of awesomeness and had a taste.

I asked:

“What do you think”
– “They taste like brownies”
“But famous…right”
-“No, just regular”

She was right, they were just regular brownies, but hardly world famous. At best these were “well regarded locally” brownies or “perfectly serviceable if you’re starving to death” brownies but not the mega star dessert we were promised.

We contemplated “forgetting” to bring them out but decided we had no choice, one of our guests had dedicated nearly 45 minutes of their life to making them for us. We were going to serve them even if they were clearly on the C-list of celebrity desserts.

The lesson here kids is simple: unless you’re asked to bring dessert you really don’t have to. If you come to our house, we’ll feed you. However, if you insist on bringing something, be careful not to oversell it.



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14 responses to “Be The Boy Holidays 2008 – The Tangentally Related Party Post

  1. It’s an asian thing where you have to bring something if you are invited somewhere. It’s not supposed to be an insult to the host, it’s supposed to be a thank you. I am guilty of this.
    However, I don’t make brownies. But now I want some.

  2. betheboy

    This guest was not Asian.

  3. dvl

    jenn, you’re only guilty of superawesomeness… admit it. ;)

  4. A lot of white people consider it rude to not bring something as well. And then you have to make something to fill the container the guest brought something in when you return it. That may be a Southern thang. I’m often guilty of being rude.

    Yeah, I think the whole overselling thing is the big lesson here!

  5. I don’t mind people bringing food if they’ve asked and I’ve said yes. But this was essentially a dinner party that I had the food carefully planned out.

    In those cases (where I ask and the host says no) I bring a bottle of wine (or a fancy non-alcoholic drink) or a vase of flowers or some other hostess type gift. But insisting that your dessert is better than what the host has made, talking it up all week, and then arriving sans dessert paparazzi?

  6. Is it okay to oversell the awesomeness of Penasol?

  7. Is it possible to oversell Penasol?

  8. Yep. I usually do the wine thing. That way I can regift bottles people bring to us and it doesn’t go to waste. Still amused/dumbfounded by the insistence of grandeur. So absurd.

  9. rob

    I enjoyed reading your WORLD FAMOUS EXTRAORDINARY SUPER DUPER blog post. All humans should read this blog post, and then we should beam it to Alpha Centauri for their immediate consumption, and …

    oh, wait. Did I oversell again? Sorry.

    Nice post. (have you tried my chili?)

  10. its true. thelossadjuster and i have only brought wine to the detective agency.

  11. JoAnnAttison

    It is a Long Island tradition to bring Entenmann’s cake. Or is that just Italian Long Islanders?

  12. betheboy

    @JoAnn One of my Long Island friends did just offer the Entemanns crumb cake.

  13. kim

    Damn! I though for sure that they were going to turn out to be hash brownies.

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