Be The Boy Holidays 2008 – Giving Back

To start off the last full work week before Christmas here is an old story about the spirit of giving.

Happy Holidays From Van Nuys

My apartment contains decades worth of people’s possessions. Over the years people have come and gone but they have all left a little something, a chair, an amplifier, some spaghetti sauce or a bookshelf. For the last three decades, the place has been passed from one friend another and there’s an unwritten rule that says “Once you live here, you’re always welcome back…but call first” so while my wife and I live here we know we’re going to pass it on to someone else eventually. While we may leave plenty of stuff behind, there’s one thing that was left for me that won’t be going to the next occupant.

A few years ago I was in the garage when I came across a bag that had been very carefully hidden behind some boxes. What treasure could be waiting inside?

Well, it was kind of treasure, at least it would have been if I were a 15 year old boy. Inside the bag was a stash of vintage porn videos all from the golden age of VHS porn. I recognized many of the titles and stars from some of my family’s favorites, it was like a walk down dirty memory lane. I always wondered what good ol’ Dick Rambone and Candy Samples were up to and now I knew…they were hanging out behind my house. I really didn’t know what to do with the tapes, I could watch them but the hair and the clothes would be so out of date as to make it distracting plus some other dude had already watched them, probably in the very room I slept in. To make matters worse I knew the guy. On the sure to bring bad luck scale, watching another guys porn in his old room is probably as close as you can get to building your house on a Native American burial site. Still, I couldn’t just throw them away, that would be a waste. So tucked them away into the old icebox that now serves as a closet and hoped that a solution would reveal itself. I then forgot about the stash…until the holidays rolled around.

That year a local not for profit was running a charity drive for the needy and they accepted the following: cash donations, non perishable foods, toys, books , CD’s, DVD’s and finally…videos, new or used. It was beginning to look a lot like porno Christmas so I gathered up that sack of videos, some canned food and some cash and headed off to share with those in need.



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7 responses to “Be The Boy Holidays 2008 – Giving Back

  1. One man’s porn, is another man’s treasure.

  2. I bet the charity folks must have been thrilled when they opened your bag. “Whaaaaaaaaaat?”

  3. Ho Ho Ho just got a little awkward.

  4. see im glad im not the only one who thinks its weird to watch “used” porn. there used to be a porn trading ring at work among some of the guys and i couldn’t see the appeal. the whole time i’d be wondering which of the scenes brought on the big O

  5. kim

    Nothing says the holidays like some good old retro porn.

  6. Paul L.

    A Norman Rockwell scene if there ever was one.

  7. Paul L.

    Norman Cockswell.

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