More Holiday Homesickness

This slice of holiday homesickness comes from last year but it still holds true today.

Winter Bonerland

The best part about living in Los Angeles, aside from the tacos, is the fact that it’s still warm and sunny through the fall and winter; this is also the one thing I still haven’t gotten used to. Despite spending a large portion of my life here in LA, when I start seeing Christmas trees for sale I wonder when it’s going to snow.  Nearly a decade  into my LA residence and it still hasn’t happened.

I miss a lot of things about New York; going to see the Mets, the Peep World over by Penn Station, and Wise potato chips to name a few. Another thing I really miss is Manhattan just after it snows, in the first 30 minutes between the start of the snowfall and the moment people start peeing in it the city becomes a surreal place, like a snow globe with a dildo shop inside. I miss that dirty snow globe.

FYI- Winter Bonerland is still the best title I’ve ever thought of.



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5 responses to “More Holiday Homesickness

  1. vintagecaveman


    That was beautiful..

  2. I’d be willing to bet they sell that snowglobe somewhere, next to the “Rollex” watches.

  3. Best. Title. Ever. Also best description of Manhattan: snow globe with a dildo shop inside. Makes me want to go there when it’s snowing.

  4. You’re not helping my mental assumptions that the East Coast is dirty and horrible any. It sounds lovely…

  5. When driving through the canyons, I often think of how hazardous those roads must be in the ice and snow. And then I snap back to reality and do a little happy dance!

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