Be The Boy Holidays 2008 – Vintage Video Game Edition

The Holiday Best Gift I’ve Ever Received Or: How I Learned to Love My Parents Thanks to Video Games

In 1981 I got an Atari 2600 for Christmas and I can’t overstate how awesome this was. On the list of gifts I’d like to thank my parents for, the Atari finishes above the gift of life.

The list of things my parents have given me goes like this:

Atari 2600


Poor Decision Making Skills

It makes me feel old to say this but I realize that many of you reading this are too young to remember a time when you couldn’t play video games at home, it sounds unbelievable, but it is true. There was a time when you had to go outside in order to get to video games, and where I lived they were always housed at the sleaziest possible locations in dark, sticky smoke filled rooms. Your late 70’s early 80’s video arcade experience was pretty much just like a porn theater except it was less embarrassing to run into relatives while playing Donkey Kong then it was while watching Honkey Dong. Of course, even if the arcade was, clean, and well lit you needed money to play there, and I didn’t have any so getting the Atari was positively life changing to my seven year old self. At the time, getting the 2600 was the single greatest thing that ever happened to me, it’s also better than many things that have happened since. Getting the Atari 2600 was better than my first baseball game, better than using porno sunglasses and better than the first time I kissed a girl who wasn’t 16 years older than me.

Also, my parents split up that year and the Atari totally made up for that… no kidding. Over the next few years there was a lot of questionable parenting but I didn’t care, I was busy skipping school so I could play Pitfall.



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8 responses to “Be The Boy Holidays 2008 – Vintage Video Game Edition

  1. Andrew

    Fuckpants, the videogame. Finally!

  2. ahhh… i loved me some pitfall.

  3. “it was less embarrassing to run into relatives while playing Donkey Kong then it was while watching Honkey Dong.”


    Back in about 1983 or so I actually spent my own, hard-earned cash to buy me an Atari 2600. It freakin’ rocked. And as primitive as those games seem today they were a hell of a lot easier to just sit down and play. Today’s games require all sorts of practice and figuring out of stuff before you know what they hell you’re doing.

    Or maybe I just suck at them.

  4. I want to know more about the girl 16 years older than you …

  5. i was hypnotized from the day i first got my 2600 until the day i got the 2600 version of pac man. it was like someone threw a bucket of water on my birthday cake.

  6. The only thing I know about Atari’s is what I’ve learned from Freaks and Geeks – but they sound pretty sweet.

  7. JT

    What the hell are porno sunglasses?

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