Accidental Accomplishments for 2008

Yesterday I took a look back over the goals I set for myself for 2008 but those goals weren’t the only things I accomplished this year. I also managed, in my typical fashion, to fall ass backwards into some other things  that I could not foresee at the beginning of the year.

Here are my top Accidental Accomplishments for 2008 (so far):

  1. Getting rid of my pesky appendix.
  2. Set a personal record for trips to the emergency room in one year.
  3. Quitting smoking after nearly 20 years.
  4. Reducing my credit card debt to zero dollars and zero cents.
  5. Being voted into The Hot Blogger Calendar (which you can purchase by clicking the “Buy Now” button on the sidebar)
  6. Upgrading to a Macbook.
  7. Not being crushed by the Mets collapse.
  8. Avoided purchasing Billy Joel albums for the 34th consecutive year.
  9. Finally getting that cortisone shot in the spine I’ve always wanted.

All in all, 2008 has been a good year for accidental progress.



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17 responses to “Accidental Accomplishments for 2008

  1. Angela

    I did #4 and #6 this year two. Both were awesome.

    Sorry, can’t say I did #8 because at one time I owned the cassette tape of “Storm Front.” Don’t hate me.

  2. It’s okay, Will. I have all of Billy Joel’s albums. You can borrow them if you want.

  3. vintagecaveman

    6 & 8

    I tried for 5, but I guess I’m not that ‘Hot’ of a ‘Blogger’.

  4. I am so glad you have avoided Billy Joel as well as I have. I was starting to feel like the only one.

  5. Congratulations! Mostly on quitting smoking and getting out of debt, but the cortisone shot’s pretty cool, too.

  6. pacolongisland

    Since you have repeatedly expressed your displeasure and hatred towards Billy Joel, I don’t think you can put that down as an accidental accomplishment. That seems to be just one of your regular goals of the year. It would be an accident if you actually bought a Billy Joel album. Congrats on #7 but don’t collapse if the Jets collapse too.

  7. betheboy

    Paco – I get what your saying but since I haven’t accomplished much I have to pat myself on the back whenever I can. That said it WAS a planned move on my part.

  8. I’m *very* envious of #4.

  9. I don’t even want to think about my accidental accomplishments for 2008. Most of them are VERY unpleasant.

  10. I got a MacBook.

    I’m still working on the credit card debt. When I get it to zero, it will be VERY intentional.

  11. I’m not sure quitting smoking is an accomplishment (I know, I know. But I’m a smoker. LOL). But yey for 2008!

    On a totally unrelated stream of thought: I passed on an award to you. All the sordid details are in my blog. :)


  12. Paul L.

    You DO know you’re supposed the include the WILLIAM Joel album as well?

  13. betheboy

    @Paul L. – Noted, I’m going to throw those out now.

  14. You look too young to have smoked for 20 years… suspicious… I’ve paid oodles for Botox and fillers to undo my years of “poor choices”.

    You and your wife are interesting. I’m glad Burn ushered us in to your world.

    I’m Chris. Thought I’d say hello.

  15. betheboy

    @Chris – thanks for saying Hi.

    As for smoking, I started early.

  16. Wow you did a lot, and all for the good.

  17. I just checked your friend Burn’s blog it is fabulous!

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