Where I Stand This Year

Holy crap! How is it December 1st already?

Since there are only 30 days left in the year I should probably revisit the goals I set for myself for 2008 to see if I’ve accomplished them:

Goal #1- Write More – I think I did this one, I wrote more and in more places this year than I have in the past.  I’m still doing it all for free but getting paid can be a goal for next year.

Goal #2- Start Being More Proactive Career Wise– This year I polished up the resume and promoted myself better, this has lead to more opportunities for me. This is still a work in progress but I’m doing better than I was at the beginning of the year.

Goal #3- Get a New Car- Done.  In march I got rid of my 12 year old Hyundai and bought a sensible and affordable Nissan Sentra.  I am quite pleased with it.

Goal #4- Try Podcasting- This is a failure for me.  I have made no progress on this, but I do co-host a live video chat if that helps.

Goal #5- Spend More Quality Time With My Wife I’m going to give myself an incomplete on this one.  Between my job and her many jobs we still struggle to find time for one another but this can still change between now and the end of the month.

It looks like I’ve accomplished three and a half of my goals for the year.  Of course I did a lot of other things I hadn’t planned on doing but that will be detailed later this week.  Have you accomplished what you set out to do in 2008?



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5 responses to “Where I Stand This Year

  1. I think I set out not to have goals? And then… if so, I have accomplished them all!

  2. actually no i didn’t. this has honestly been the worst fucking year of my life and i’ll be celebrating like a(n unemployed) diva when it’s over.

  3. I don’t ever set goals or resolutions for the year, mainly because I already feel like such a failure, I don’t need to draw attention to it. However, this inspired. I think I will for 2009.

  4. tattooedpepper

    I didn’t set any goals this year and in retrospect I think that may have been a big fail!

    Without the goals I really spent this whole fucked year flopping in and out of good asnd bad like a dying fish!

    So for the next 30 days I am devising a way to make next year a good one!!

  5. No goals for me either for the year! But I did create a bucket list not too long ago for my life. And I’ve already accomplished one out of 10. So I’d say I’m not doing too badly …

    Great goals you set for yourself – and great progress on them!

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