Hoping For a Pain Free Holiday

This morning I got up at 6:15 and headed to the Cedars Sinai Pain Center (which sounds like a dungeon) to have a needle stuck in my spine.  This was intended to reduce the swelling around the bulging disc in my neck and end the terrible pain I’ve been in for a few weeks.  From the way I limped into the place you’d never guess that six hours earlier I was walking out of the Wiltern Theater after getting my face rocked off by The Hold Steady and The Drive-By Truckers.

I had some reservations about going to the show last night because I have been hurting pretty badly but with my treatment scheduled for the next morning I figured i couldn’t get much worse so I loaded up on painkillers and hit the show with a group of friends.  I’m glad I did because it was truly a transcendent rock and roll night: a fill your heart with joy, life afirming three hours of ass kicking rock and roll.  It was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while.*

*For the record the best show I ever saw may have been The Cramps at The Roseland in New York in the late 90’s, it’s not that the show was amazing (although it was good).  The reason it ranks so high is because after the show my friends and I were approached by two young ladies who said:

“We are from Brazil and we are underage, do you know where we can drink?”

I’d like to say I was the upstanding type who would turn down a chance to help two 19 year old Brazilian girls get drinks but I would be lying if I said I did not offer a helping hand.

In addition to seeing a great show I also met Jim from Medialoper.  Jim is a terrific writer who I highly recommend checking out, he’s also on Twitter where he regularly brings the awesome.

I got home from the medical center a little while ago and I’m woozy and stupid from the drugs but hopefully the shot they gave my spine will make things better fast.  I hope to be able to add “Pain Free” to the list of things I’m Thankful for tomorrow.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, unless you’re not in the US, in which case you can have a great Thursday (you also have free reign over the internet while we’re eating so go to town).



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6 responses to “Hoping For a Pain Free Holiday

  1. Paul L.

    Oy gevalt! Go tell ME about pains in the neck!

    But seriously, friend, pain or no pain, you and your lovely wife have a happy thanksgiving.

  2. Good luck, and happy turkey day to you and N.

  3. I hope you feel better for the holiday.

  4. Happy druggie Thanksgiving!

    And check out White Denim, Let’s Talk About It will rock the face right off your face.

  5. Thanks for the shout out, Will!

    Amazing, amazing show.

    Also: I would be lying if I didn’t say that I spent most of my 20’s getting drinks for 19-year-old girls of all races, creeds and nationalities.

  6. Congo

    Look, all any of us really wants to know is whether you fucked the Brazilian chicks or not.

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