Know The Day and Help a Dog

In case you hadn’t guessed already, were going to be pimping the Hot Blogger Calendar until they sell out.  This the calendar that The Slackmistress is deservedly included in and I am also somehow a part of.  They will cost you a mere $12 each (Plus a small shipping fee) and we think you deserve one.  In case you have questions, we’ve got answers.

What’s in this for you?

You’ll always know what day it is in 2009.  When you buy the Women’s calendar you get to check out my wife every day for at least a month next year plus you can see 11 other hot girls.  With the Men’s calendar get you a month of me but don’t worry, you also get 11 guys who look better than I do. There’s more info at The Hot Blogger site.

What is in it for us?

Nothing, we just think you should but these calendars.

What is in this for dogs?

Well, for each calendar sold through this site or my wife’s site we will donate $2 to Bill Foundation who are dedicated to finding good homes for very good dogs.  So if you need a calendar and you like puppies, click the button on the sidebar that says “Buy Now” a very good dog will be glad you did.

While we can’t show you the shots we’re using for the calendar (you’ll have to buy them for that) here are some outtakes from the photo shoot:



Now go out and buy some for the puppies.

In case you’re wondering, our calendar photos were taken by Daniel Spisak at The Hollywood, a location generously made available to us by Lisa Redmond.



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12 responses to “Know The Day and Help a Dog

  1. Congo

    those are some ferocious tits!

  2. Will’s tits don’t have fangs. Really.

  3. “Will’s tits don’t have fangs. Really.”

    I don’t know…those back pills have been causing some weird side effects.

    As I tweeted yesterday, I got once of each. My money goes to the dogs.

  4. betheboy

    @Elwood – I just gave Daisy $4 and said it was from you.

  5. melina

    Getting one! Both? Help! And for such a good cause too….keeping track of the months, right? (ha, i know it’s towards the Bill Found.)

    Yay tits! Yay robots!

  6. betheboy

    It should be noted that the robot in the photo of me was a gift from Melina.

  7. vintagecaveman

    What ever happened to fuckpants? I miss fuckpants.

  8. i love you both so much as a couple. y’all really make me believe in true love. :)

  9. I’m buying my set Friday!

    Er, of calendars, I mean.

  10. betheboy

    Be sure to click the sidebar link so we can keep track of the purchases.

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