Notes For The End Of The Week

A few things for a Friday morning:

1- There will be no live chat show this weekend. We’re sorry to cancel on short notice but we my wife and I have a ton of work to do and with a short work week coming up we need the weekend to get caught up on things. We’ll be back next week with a special guests and lots of good stuff. There are archives of past shows here if you’re bored and just have to see us.

2- Last night I saw not one, but two people I went to high school with. It was the first time I had seen them since graduation day and it was great to get caught up on things after so many years. It turns out that one of them has lived 30 minutes from me for the last three years but it took a visitor from our hometown for me to discover this (some stuff about my hometown here and here). They both mentioned that I look the same as I did 16 years ago and while this is very kind of them to say it is slightly inaccurate because if I looked the same as I did in 1992 I’d be: 20 pounds lighter, wearing a Jane’s Addiction tee shirt* and smoking behind the library.

*Is there a band that was considered great in the early 90’s that has aged worse than Jane’s Addiction? I listened to Nothing’s Shocking start to finish recently and was amazed by how awful it sounds now that I’m not filled with teen angst. 

3- The Hot Blogger Calendar featuring my disproportionately hot wife and myself is on sale. Details here and here and you can purchase by clicking the link over on the right hand sidebar. Remember that for every calendar purchased through the link on the sidebar I’ll be donating two American dollars to Bill Foundation who help dogs find homes.  If you don’t buy for the hot bloggers, buy for the pups. They would buy stuff to help you if they had the money to do so, at least this dog would.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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6 responses to “Notes For The End Of The Week

  1. Just yesterday I was telling my dad that I can’t listen to Nine Inch Nails anymore because it just sounds like noise, but I don’t think it’s Trent Reznor who’s aged badly (I think it’s me). I will make it a point to avoid Jane’s Addiction so as to keep the few fond memories I have left.

  2. man i havent listened to any janes addiction that wasn’t a radio single in awhile. i might have to go download some to see if you’re right.

    but you might be. there are some bands I LOVED (Sisters of Mercy for example) when I was angsty and now they sound ridiculous. but im sitting here rocking out to the descendents and thats still good

  3. Early Jane’s sounds especially dated here, where the alterna-stations insist on spinning “Jane Says” as if it were a new single.

    Oddly enough, though, “Just Because” still sounds good, mostly because of the riff.

  4. And now I have a calendar of “hot” bloggers. This is getting out of control.

  5. TheOtherWill

    So who were they?

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