Who Wants To Buy Stuff?

You remember the Hot Blogger Calendar don’t you?  It’s the calendar that The Slackmistress is deservedly included in and I am also somehow a part of too.  After being voted in and having our pictures taken, the calendars for the men and women are now for sale is now for sale at the Hot Blogger Calendar site for a mere $12 (plus shipping). Don’t miss this chance to have us on your wall.

I can’t show you the picture that made the calendar but here’s an outtake from the photo shoot.


I’ve added a link to purchase the calendar on the sidebar so if you decide to buy one, please do it through that link because for every calendar purchased through that link I will get two American dollars which I will donate to Bill Foundation.  Just think, if you buy The Hot Blogger Calendar through that link you will not only get a year worth of hot bloggers, you’ll be helping Bill Foundation find good homes for dogs.  It’s win win, especially for the dogs.

As an added bonus, here is another outtake from the photo shoot, this one of my better half:


Finally, our calendar photos were taken by Daniel Spisak at The Hollywood, a location generously made available to us by Lisa Redmond.



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11 responses to “Who Wants To Buy Stuff?

  1. Can you at least tell us what month you are?

  2. betheboy

    I actually don’t know yet. They are being set up and printed as I type this.

  3. Awesome photos. Congrats!

  4. I second the ‘awesome photos’ comment. The Hollywood ~ the perfect locale for cool cats like youse guys.

  5. See I was going to ask what month you guys are too. I put together hottie calendars at the radio station for a good five years and there is an order… I’m just sayin! ;)

  6. It’s so awesome that you both made it in…and you are both just so darn foxy!

  7. kim

    Your wife has the greatest boot collection in the world.

  8. melissa

    Your wife is so classy. I aspire to being able to wear boots that well. :)

  9. Who do I talk to about formally announcing my candidacy for the ’09 edition?

  10. Gawd, I don’t even use a paper calendar any more and I’m buying it.

    This way I’ll feel less geeky when I tell people I’m a blogger.

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