Revisiting The Doctor

I had an appointment with my doctor this afternoon to see what can be done about the bulging disk/pinched nerve problem I’m experiencing.  The appointment was followed by an MRI but I still don’t know what to do in order to relieve the pain I’m feeling.  It hurts and as an added bonus I can’t use my left arm.  Good one armed times we’re having.

As the doctor examined me she asked me a number of questions to try to determine how I hurt myself.  This led nowhere but it reminded me of a doctor visit from several years ago when I was asked some unusual questions (you should really check that link, it’s kind of hard to believe).

For now I’m just waiting for the MRI results, wish me luck.



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8 responses to “Revisiting The Doctor

  1. i can see the gay question being asked here as well. if you were gay you might have been participating in the no on 8 stuff that happened a day or so ago. a bulging disk and pinched nerve could have easily been a result of those events from the looks of some of the protests i’ve seen pics of. of course quite a few nongay people protested as well which just throws my theory out of the water. hope you feel better soon.

  2. Clearly, the best part is “at all.” Sorry about your back.

  3. kim

    Doctors ask those questions when they’re bored. They’re not relevant, she just felt like listening to something interesting to pass on to the receptionist once you left. Try and come up with some fantastic scenarios for any up coming injuries. She will be more attentive in the future, I promise.

  4. kim

    I like the way you think Miss Grace.

  5. Paul M.

    As an old hockey player from Canada I
    can feel your pain.
    It will get better soon.

  6. JT

    True Story. Last Friday night, drinking in a friend’s basement. I’m bitching about my right shoulder and how it keeps me from the gym (keep in mind I hate the gym and secretly love my bum shoulder.) A fellow drunkard happens to be a doctor* and offers to diagnose it. I panic, because I may have to go to the gym if he can fix it…luckily, he mumbles something I can’t pronounce and tells me to take it easy for six months.

    *I have zero proof that he is actually a doctor.

  7. I have three words for you to be able to deal with the pain: Perc o cet.

    Ok, so that’s just one word, but still.

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