Three Women You Should Meet

Thanks to a shoulder/neck injury it’s been a rough week for me but as always there is a silver lining; the downtime has let me catch up on my blog reading and that is always a good thing because it keeps me in touch with people I think are fantastic. Here are three examples of people who are keeping me from feeling bad today.

1- The Slackmistress – She makes me feel happier every day but today she’s taken it a little further thanks to her plan to make November a better, boozier month. If you’re looking for a good time this month, follow @slackmistress on Twitter.

2- Jessica Gottlieb – For a blog post about shopping for wine with her son that would make my mother proud. You can also find Jessica on Twitter @jessicagottlieb.

3- Gwen Bell – Gwen is a one woman awesome factory. I dare you to read her blog or follow her on Twitter (@gwenbell) and not feel like you can accomplish anything, she is the cure for the blues.

So tell me this: Who or what is making you smile today?



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6 responses to “Three Women You Should Meet

  1. I can’t really peg anyone as having made me smile today, although I did get a chuckle out of one of Lisa Potato’s tweets.

    I do have to admit that my precious LA Kings are making me smile a bit today. They’ve won 4 in a row, which is stunning, considering how bad the last several years have been.

  2. Lisa Potato

    @The Loss Adjuster – I’m glad my boobs made you chuckle :P

  3. Quirkology ( is my new discovery and it is making me Oh-So-Happy. It’s hard when you want to star every entry in your google reader.

    And yeah, I agree Gwen Bell, makes me feel like I can conquer the world.

  4. *blush* Flattered! To say the least. Thank you, @betheboy + @slackmistress for continually providing stellar content, making me laugh + smile with your antics. I look forward to meeting you IRL soon!

  5. As every Friday, the Mattress Police Caption Contest.

  6. the broken english of the email i got for an interview about my blog did make me chuckle. otherwise today has been dull

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