So What’s Up With You Guys?

I’m not sure how it happened but somehow I’ve managed to get a pinched nerve in my shoulder.  It is very painful and it is causing me to lose feeling in my left hand.  I am currently in the care of Dr. Slackmistress and things should be fine soon.  In the meantime I’ll be resting and trying to heal.



Filed under General Tomfoolery

3 responses to “So What’s Up With You Guys?

  1. Hope you feel better. Is the Slackmistress in the naughty nurse uniform?
    I can feel your pain, I often deal with sciatica and a numb ass and leg. Get well soon.

  2. kim

    Yikes. Just so you know, I find the combination of painkillers and booze to work wonders on anything that ails you……

  3. That sucks, but at least you’ve got Dr. Slackmistress to help you recover. Enjoy that Vicodin!

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