Eight Autumns Ago

Let’s take a trip down bad memory lane:

In November of 2000 I spent a two weeks in Silver City, New Mexico.  I was ostensibly there on business but halfway through the trip I was informed that the company I worked for was ceasing operations. During the second week I showed up each morning worked until lunch then went to drink near the spot where Pat Garret shot Billy the Kid. It was a nice way to spend afternoons in November.

Billy the Kid was from New York, born in Brooklyn, and he probably headed west with no intention of taking his last breath in Silver City New Mexico. I had left New York for Los Angeles just 18 months earlier and things had not gone according to plan.  I wondered if as he lay dying alone in the dark stillness of Silver City, Billy the Kid wished he had never left home.

There’s a point to this but I’ll get to it later, until then feel free to draw your own conclusions as to why I’m thinking of this.



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11 responses to “Eight Autumns Ago

  1. Well, since you just got back from a business trip, and since my hours just got cut, I’m going to assume the worst until you tell us otherwise… (Though actually, since I feel pretty okay about working less, because it’ll give me more time to do some other things, I’m going to hope you’re feeling okay about whatever it is, too.)

  2. betheboy

    No, that’s not it.

  3. You’re wanted by the law?

  4. You’ve decided to begin a life of crime? Rob money trains? Knock off the local saloon?

  5. It’s Autumn and you’re feeling nostalgic about your past and your non-LA home. And Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away and you’re headed back to NY.

  6. vintagecaveman

    You shot a guy over a poker game?

  7. Damn Swirly Girl going all serious on us. :(

  8. You want us to call you Willy The Kid?

  9. betheboy

    Dylan – I suppose you could do that.

  10. @theex I thought it was a guessing game! I was guessing. And I’m not as serious as you may think. Just practical.

  11. @swirlygirl – I know! It just makes me sad to think of sad Will.

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