Chat Wrap and Come Hang Out With Us Tonight

Hey what are you doing tonight?  When I say tonight I mean Monday November 10th not whatever night you are reading this but if you are in Los Angeles and your answer answer is “Looking for a way to hang out with bloggers/Twitter users” you should come join us at The Farmers Market for an impromptu meet up starting at 6PM.  More details at my wife’s blog: here.  We hope to see you.

Now to the recap: Last night we held our 20th live chat show and unlike last week this one was entertaining and funny.  After an off week we were back on our game discussing the election, murderous hobos, our first meeting and much more. Thanks for watching, if you missed it we’ve archived it here.



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6 responses to “Chat Wrap and Come Hang Out With Us Tonight

  1. Gah, does EVERYONE in this town have a job?

    I need an 11 am tweet up for wine and pasta if you want me fresh from tennis and a 1pm meeting if you want me all refined and martini drinking.

    I’ve passed out by 6.

  2. It was awesome last night because you spoke so nicely about clay and me! haha

  3. Jessica, I don’t have a job, which is why I’ll be there holding the table at 5pm. I’m a table-holder. And not even a pro, since I’m doing it for free.

    Swirly: It was great to have you around last night!

  4. ill be there even though im not a los angeles person. you know i dont have a job so might as well. lol

  5. kim

    I fear that the commute from BC would be a bit much for me.

  6. @slack you’re just saying that to get more magnets.

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