3 Things That Are Good Today

  1. President Elect Barack Obama
  2. John McCain’s gracious concession speech
  3. Sarah Palin’s new life as a historical footnote

I know that today is only the first step towards making our nation a better, more united place but it’s a good start.



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14 responses to “3 Things That Are Good Today

  1. As I posted on Twitter, I’m shocked a house didn’t come flying out of the sky and land on Alaska’s governor a la “Wizard of Oz.”

  2. Seattle is honking and cheering. We can’t contain our elation!

  3. Ha! Amen to all three of those things!!

  4. Amazing, amazing stuff. Bet there are people waking up all over the US this morning wondering if they dreamed it all.

  5. 1. I’m so happy that Obama won.

    2. John McCain was very gracious in defeat. I might even be able to like the guy now that he’s not my president.

    3. I’m afraid we haven’t seen the last of Sarah Palin.

  6. JT

    I, too, was pleased by McCain’s concession speech. I was amazed at the classless people who were booing, however. It just goes to show how much thiis country was divided by the Bush years.

    Here’s to change, hope, and my completely unneccessary hangover!

  7. kim

    Yup- McCain gets full props for a classy speech. Maybe we can hope Palin will be eaten by a polar bear. Thanks to everyone who voted. Canada thanks you.

  8. while im sad about prop 8, i think we’re getting closer there. and i am elated about obama

  9. I feel pretty good today (although the California propositions have me a little sad)

  10. Tag


    While I am very sad, even a bit upset at Prop 8 passing; Prop 4 went down in flames (again), Prop 2 passed and let me say it out loud again President Elect Obama…so 3/4 here in my world ain’t a bad day at all!

  11. It is a good day for The United States of America.

  12. Paul M.

    Sarah Palin reminds me of Anita Bryant.
    I like how some French Canadian radio
    guys put that person in her place.

  13. For the first time in 44 years, my state was a pretty shade of blue! I even wore blue to work yesterday. I actually smiled ALL day yesterday!

  14. …however, it is now time to discuss important things.

    I am listening to Billy Joel’s album “The Nylon Curtain.” This thing kicks ass! What’s with all the hatin’?

    I will admit that he is a singles-guy. In his entire career, he has only produced three coherent albums…

    1) 1982’s AWESOME “Nylon Curtain.”

    2) 1983’s ode to doo-wop called “An Innocent Man.” It was the second CD I ever bought when I was a kid. It has only one throwaway track, but I cannot remember which one it was…

    3) 1989’s marvelous “Storm Front.” Hell, I didn’t even know that he had this in him…It is quite nearly a concept album in that every song contains his worries and fears about the world that his kids are gonna have to live in.

    Other than those records, though, his work is meant to go straight to FM radio, do not pass “People’s Choice Awards,” do not pass “Grammy’s,” but go directly to the brain-stem of all carbon-based forms of life.

    When I was eleven, I sneaked into one of his concerts at the now-defunct “Florida Sportatorium.”

    His music reminds me of what life was like back when it was fun. Maybe he sucks, maybe he don’t…Frankly, I don’t care. I love that ugly sumbitch.

    Ahem…So, I guess that you aren’t going to be swayed by my long-winded tirade.

    Fuck it. I did what I could.

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