Until It Gets Better, Try To Stay Warm

On a winter night in 1981 my mother was ironing my bed like she did whenever it was cold.  Basement apartments on Long Island can get cold but not always cold enough to justify the luxury of turning on the heat.  When it was time for bed my mother would bundle us up in our PJ’s and run the iron over the bedsheets and blankets until it was warm enough for us to fall asleep.  When I asked when we could turn on the heat, my mother said we could when turn it on things were better but that didn’t happen for a while.  Until things got better the iron was the best we could do; it was small way to make things easier to bear.

For the last 8 years I feel like many of us here in America have been taking small steps to make things more bearable but we’re been waiting waiting for a chance to make a lasting change. I hope that when I wake up on Wednesday we’re one giant step closer to where we want to be.  For now I feel like ironing my bed to make it through the last cold nights.



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17 responses to “Until It Gets Better, Try To Stay Warm

  1. CSG

    many people all over the world, including me (in Spain) are waiting for a change in the US too. Good luck!

  2. One of these days, I am buying you and your wife your favorite bottle of whatever. Just because.

  3. What a great idea…ironing the bed. Growing up in Florida, this wasnt an issue, so I’ve never heard of this. But, what a wonderful mother…she came up with a successful, affordable solution. This makes me want to iron the bed for no reason. Oh, wait, I don’t own an iron. :l

  4. I have no idea what to say here….

  5. Completely agree. NO MORE YEARS! NO MORE YEARS!

  6. Wow. This is by far the best post I’ve read about the election. Thank you for this.

  7. My grandma didn’t iron the bed, but she used to wake up before me every day and turn the oven on and leave the door open to heat the kitchen before she’d wake me up. i guess the oven used less juice (i cant remember if it was gas or electric) than the heater and she didn’t want me to go from warm sleep to freezing ass kitchen i guess.

    i still do this trick at home, in the begining of winter, before I buckle and turn on the heat, i bake a lot of corn bread or pizzas or whatever. my house is so small, baking dinner warms it right up.

  8. Lisa Potato

    @discotrash My Grandma used to do the exact same thing with the oven in the morning. I never understood it because my Grandparents always had enough money and could have afforded the heater. Maybe it’s leftover thriftiness from the depression days?

  9. betheboy

    @Lisa @ Disco – I just hope it was an electric oven. If it was gas they were actually trying to kill you.

  10. kim

    Over here in Canada, most of us are watching the numbers with a fervor usually reserved for hockey or poutine….(smirk) I will admit that I’m almost crapping my pants here.
    (If the US fucks it up again, Alec Baldwin is still not allowed to move here, no matter what he says!)

  11. Great post Will! I am so excited and hopeful for today’s outcome.

  12. @betheboy, well im still alive so im guessing it was electric. mine is gas though so i dont leave the door open. lol

  13. Please let us take a giant step.

  14. AJ

    Awesome post, and a great analogy.

  15. aliastaken

    I stick a heating pad in the microwave before bed- cheap heat is still fashionable in ’08.

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