A List and a Smile

This weekend I:

-Bought a new Macbook to replace my six year old Dell desktop.  I am very pleased so far.

-Was the unfunny half of our live chat show (I was terrible).

-Welcomed home my long lost neighbor who informed me that our other neighbor who has been gone since May was going to be staying in Italy for a while due to legal issues*.

– Had pictures of me taken by the amazing Daniel Spisak for The Hot Blogger Calendar.  On Saturday, Daniel met my wife and me at The Hollywood, a perfect location generously made available to us by Lisa Redmond (who also did a lot of work during the shoot).  The pictures came out great and while I can’t show you the one that’s going to be in the calendar here is one we won’t be using:

* I’m studying up since the neighbor’s issues may require some detective work.



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13 responses to “A List and a Smile

  1. Will, I showed my husband your blog this weekend and he was laughing his ass off. You’re one of my favorites, always a must read, and I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass.
    BTW, I am on the lookout for a Christmas midget, they sound like tons of fun.

  2. kim

    I LOVE the idea of some international intrigue!!! Please keep us informed.

  3. betheboy

    @ kim The Italian police were questioning him in connection with a murder over the Summer.

  4. …Daniel met my wife and I…my wife and me. Sorry, I tend to be a grammer Nazi. At least that’s what they call me at work! Congrats on the new computer. I recently got a new laptop too…wanted a mac, but couldn’t afford one, but loving mine anyway! Have fun!

  5. Damn, that is a great picture. I can’t wait to see the one that made the cut.

  6. vintagecaveman

    That picture makes me laugh so hard. Every time I see it I can help but hear:
    “I’ll let you play with my Intellivision afterwards…”

  7. vintagecaveman

    Also reminds me of a gangster from the movie “Key Largo”

  8. Myra

    So were the news people off? That blip was a bit confusing since they say he’s been living there for years?

  9. betheboy

    @ Myra – A later article clarifies that he was only living there part of the time.

  10. Jax

    hooray! Love the vintage mag with Slackesque bride of the devil on the cover. Fedora is a nice touch too. I hope you had a stogie at some point…congrats again to both of you!

  11. betheboy

    Jax – I would have but I quit smoking in March so i don’t like to tempt myself.

  12. Paul M.

    Why is Diablo Cody on the cover of
    that magazine?

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