A Special Halloween Letter

Dear Baby Halloween Jesus,

Please make this the first year since 1977 where no one wears a Star Wars costume.


Will (who doesn’t like Star Wars, not even a little bit)

P.S. – Help me Baby Halloween Jesus, you’re my only hope.



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19 responses to “A Special Halloween Letter

  1. I’m dressing up as Princess Leia one year just to spite you. Anti-Jedite!

  2. Okay…Lemme get this straight…You don’t like Billy Joel OR “Star Wars.”

    With this knowledge, I could get you deported to a country that you’re not even from.

    Iceland actually has its own language. Were I you, I’d start crackin’ those textbooks…

  3. Andrew

    I have now decided to stop reading your blog until you renounce your anti-Jedi ways. Perhaps you should change the name to Be The Sith.

  4. I’ve been Princess Leia for Halloween. But I have yet to done the gold bikini. I was planning on doing the whole PL thing this year. If only to be able to hear the pervy: “Hey, wanna play with my lightsaber?”

    Because who doesn’t want a guy who uses, and actually expects it work, that line?

    But since you prayed to Baby Halloween Jesus…maybe I’ll save it for next year.

  5. betheboy

    Andrew – What’s a Sith?

  6. kim

    I FELL YOUR PAIN! It’s amazing how pissed off people get when you confuse star wars with star trek. Who the hell cares???

  7. Extremely unlikely, Luke.

  8. Years ago, I was in a production of “Macbeth” that featured one too many “big set pieces” that needed to be cajoled and maneuvered around the stage. This often led to huge downtimes during rehearsal.

    During one of these downtimes, a group of us were waiting around backstage, in costume, discussing movies. Inevitably, “Star Wars” came up. I professed my general indifference towards the series and you’d think I’d just insulted, oh I don’t know… Shakespeare?!?

    I fully expected to be lynched by the angry mob of actors. Or, at least, stabbed over and over again with blunt daggers.

  9. I don’t think you’re allowed to hate the movie AND quote it, Will. But at least you’re not making fun of Star Trek. Then I’d beat you with a phaser. I’d be misusing the phaser, obviously, but I don’t actually want to hurt you, just make a point.

  10. betheboy

    @Mace – did I quote the movie? I don’t remember Baby Halloween Jesus in the movie. Was he in the scene at the disco?

  11. Gabriel calls baby Halloween Jesus Mr. Halloween. Just fyi.

  12. AJ

    > P.S. – Help me Baby Halloween Jesus, you’re my only hope.

    Go to hell.

    Go straight to hell.

    Do not pass GO.

    Do not collect $200.


  13. pacolongisland

    I hate to nitpick, but since Star Wars came out in May of 77 you should have said 1976. Sorry. I would have written to The Great Pumpking instead though.

  14. pacolongisland

    Pumpkin sorry

  15. betheboy

    Paco – I stand corrected.

    (You sir are part of the problem)

    Also, The Great Pumpking is a great movie but not for the kids.

  16. I am so with you on this. I, for one, like Star Wars (more than a little bit), but am tired of the costumes.

    For the first time ever I saw a kid dressed as a turkey. What a fantastic costume idea.

  17. since it’s halloween and you’re supposed to dress up as things youre not, im going as a millionairess

  18. How can you hate Star Wars?

    I would try to change your mind, but as I’ve accepted, “This little one’s not worth the effort..”

  19. vintagecaveman

    We get wishes from Halloween Baby Jesus?

    Halloween Baby Jesus,
    I would like the good candy to go half price on Nov. 1st for once.
    Thank you,
    Your friend

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