4 Movie Characters I’d Dress as for Halloween

If I have to dress up this year it’s going to be as one of these four character.

1- Fred McMurray as Walter Neff in Double Indemnity is the height of understated self confidence and cool. Don’t let the short tie fool you, Fred has got style.  Fred doesn’t have as much style as his co-star in the movie but I can’t fit into her dress.

2- Gort as Gort from The Day The Earth Stood Still. A little impractical for daily use, but should I ever need to teach the nation about the dangers of nuclear weapons I’ll be all set with a fancy Gort outfit.  On a related note, how was Gort not nominated for Best Supporting Robot for this role?

3-Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy in Buch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. They both look great but Sundance always struck me as just a little too pretty to be an outlaw.

4-Tom Waits as DJ Zack in Down By Law because in my version of reality, everyone loves it when you look like you’ve been on a three week bender AND wearing a hat. Of course I can’t pull this look off properly since I don’t own a proper hat.



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17 responses to “4 Movie Characters I’d Dress as for Halloween

  1. Bentoboxx

    How about Gort as Butch Cassidy? Or Fred McMurray from flubber, but being all bad ass and cool

  2. betheboy

    @Bentobox – Gort Cassidy and The Sundance Bot would be the best sequel ever.

  3. These are all excellent costumes. I am a fan of all of them, though I especially like 1 and 4.

  4. I really dig hats but not everyone can pull them off. Unfortunately I fear I’m one of them.

    JUST saw TDTESS last week for the first time. Curious to see what they do with the remake. My hunch is that Gort will look a little less like a tall man in a rubber suit.

  5. I think you could pull off any of those looks pretty nicely. My vote is for Butch Cassidy.

  6. If you go as DJ Zach, does Slack have to be Roberto?

  7. betheboy

    @The Loss Adjuster – he can go as John Lurie if she wants to.

  8. god I loved “Down by Law” I was sort of under the impression i was the only one who ever saw it. lol.

  9. melissa

    Butch Cassidy, hands down. But do you have the hat for it?

  10. @discotrash Remember how big a Tom Waits fan I am? Of course I’ve seen “Down By Law!”

  11. Robert Redford prettier than Paul Newman?

    In his dreams, maybe.

  12. betheboy

    @Karen – In this role he is.

  13. vintagecaveman

    -L. B. Jefferies (Jimmy Stewart) from “Rear Window”

    -Robby the Robot from “Forbidden Planet” (I hate to disagree with you on Gort)

    -The Invisible Man (Claude Rains) from “The Invisible Man”

    -Elwood Blues (Dan Akroyd) from “The Blues Brothers”

  14. betheboy

    @VCM – I dressed as the invisible man at your party last year. Did you see me?

  15. vintagecaveman

    Will, I should of told you this back then but just because you’re not wearing any clothing doesn’t mean you’re invisible…

  16. betheboy

    This explains why no one tried my dip.

  17. kim

    TOM WAITS WINS!!! No contest. I’ll lend you the freaking hat. This way, you have the added bonus of being able to get falling down embarrassingly drunk and be able to say “I’m just really into my costume/character.”

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