Looking Back- Halloween In 1984

Things that were perfectly acceptable in my family on Halloween Night in 1984:

Dressing as Michael Jackson*
Homemade Daryl Strawberry costumes**
Kids trick or treating without adult supervision***

Are any of these acceptable today?

*I did not do this.

**I did make a Daryl Strawberry costume but no one guessed who I was, probably because I’m not a lefty.

*** This reminds me of something.  The other day I was reading an article about the fact that the State of Maryland was asking registered sex offenders, to place signs in their yard, discouraging kids from knocking on their door.  While I’m not sure that this is the best way to handle this issue, I appreciate the thinking behind it.  We all want kids to be safe.  At the same time I feel slightly jealous of today’s kids.  When I was a kid we didn’t have a fancy registry telling us who the sex offenders were.  On Halloween we went out unsupervised, knocked on doors and hoped for the best.  Usually it turned out fine.



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13 responses to “Looking Back- Halloween In 1984

  1. I saw “Strawberry” and thought “Shortcake.” How about a Daryl Strawberry Shortcake costume?

    And I hope Maryland’s got emergency services on alert, so they can respond quickly when someone takes it upon him/herself to burn down one of these darkened, be-pumpkined houses, into which a registered sex offender has been forced to lock himself for the evening. (Not that I’m defending sex crimes, mind, but I do worry that initiatives like this are just inviting vigilantism.)

  2. While we didn’t have cell phones or the internet or Tivo, I think we were better off than today’s kids. We totally went trick-or-treating by ourselves. Our parents knew who the neighborhood pervs were, whether they were registered or not, and we were told to not go there. I hate that our society has become such a culture of fear.

  3. i thought it was interesting that the “don’t trick or treat here because of the sicko that lives here” signs were in the shape of a cute little pumpkin. wouldn’t it have been better to put a pumpkin with a circle and line through it to show that it isn’t meant to be a decoration or something. i don’t know…maybe that’s just me. on another note…my friend’s church is having a “trunk or treat” party in their parking lot. the idea is that people decorate their cars and the kids go from car to car getting candy. um…isn’t that like teaching kids to take candy from strangers in cars? i don’t know. maybe i’m the screwed up one here.

  4. I don’t even let my 8-year old ride his bike down the street by himself. I remember my parents saying how nice it would have been for us to live in “their day”.

    I find myself saying the same thing, and I grew up in the razor filled apples era.


  5. TheOtherWill

    Jeeze I would be 8 or 9 years old walking to my friend houses all the time.
    I would be punished if I crossed Merrick Rd,
    well punished if I was ever caught.
    Thank God my Mom never went to Jim’s Stationary.

  6. I’m pretty sure that when I take my 3 year-old out for Halloween this year, I’ll have him handcuffed to one of my wrists. I will also carry a switchblade, a GPS, and a canister of mace. One will protect us from sex offenders, one will give our location to interested parties in the event that the switchblade doesn’t work, and the canister of mace will be used on anyone who tries to give my son a popcorn ball.

  7. melissa

    In 1984 I think I was Wonder Woman? Or a witch? I have no idea. There are pictures of me, somewhere, dressed as a pirate, complete with blacked out teeth, but it’s in one of the yellowing 1970’s albums so I was probably 2 or 3.

    I was 10 in 1987 and my friend and I ratted our hair, sprayed it five different colors and declared ourselves punk rockers. Since our model was probably Jem and/or the Misfits I’m sure I just looked ridiculous. Thankfully there are no pictures.

  8. In ’83 or ’84, I dressed as Boy George for Halloween, and carried a tape player with me that had “Karma Chameleon” on it. Somehow, nobody beat the crap out of me.

  9. betheboy

    Chuck – I’d build a time machine just to give you a beating.

  10. aliastaken

    I saw two kids dressed in black face for their Lil Rascals costume yesterday so I guess some stuff still happens in ’08.

  11. kim

    yeah, back in the day….remember when it was even ok to walk into the drunk guys house down the street and get your own candy from the kitchen cuz he was too loaded to get up? No? C’mon, you know you do!

  12. betheboy

    @kim – I remember it because that was my house.

  13. vintagecaveman

    I was the same rubber masked monster for…6 years? Viva la budget Halloween!

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