Doing Grown Up Things

My wife and I just bought a new oven.  Technically, since we’re renters our landlady owns the oven but there’s a long, complicated and only semi legal story that explains why we had to go to the store and get it ourselves.

The important thing is that we will soon have an oven again.  This is the first appliance we purchased as a couple.  It feels very grown up to buy appliances, like it makes our marriage official.  This is the most grown up thing we’ve done so far and it feels good.  As an added bonus, we can make Shrinky Dinks again.



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7 responses to “Doing Grown Up Things

  1. You’re not truly married until you buy a washing machine.

  2. But you own the fridge, right?

  3. JT

    I love Shrinky Dinks.

  4. kim

    I do not know what a shrinky dink is (other than the obvious reference to the male appendage and cold water……) If you look on your marriage license there is a small box to check once you have co-purchased an appliance. Until such box is checked and annulment is still possible. (Well, that’s how we do it in Canada except that “appliance” is “Hudson’s Bay wool blanket”)

  5. ren

    my oven was broken for 10 years before the land-lady replaced it. but it was ok because i discovered that shrink plastic works better in a toaster oven anyway.

    go for the ink jet printable variety, it’s amazing.

  6. Congrats on the new addition! :)

  7. I found more here if anyone’s interested

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