Wishing My Sister a Happy Birthday

Today is my sister’s birthday, she is turning 15 years old.  As you know, I am 34 so there’s not a whole lot that she and I have in common at this point and that’s probably a good thing because at her age I was smoking, drinking, using drugs and basically being a teenage jackass.  I also had a mullet and  regularly destroyed property for fun.  I was what child psychologists call “A Dick”.  I hope that my youngest sister is nothing like I was at 15.

Actually let me rephrase that: I hope that she is nothing like I was at 15 except when it comes to dating.  For me at 15, dating was purely imaginary, to say nothing of things I can’t even mention in the same blog post as my baby sister.  Of course my sister is better socially adjusted than I was at 15 (and 34) so I’m probably going to have to get used to the fact that boys like her.  I don’t have to be happy about it though, at least not until she’s a little older.

Anyway, enough of my worrying, she’s a good kid.  Happy Birthday K*.

*I’ve used her full name on this blog a dozen times before but all of the sudden I feel overly protective.



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11 responses to “Wishing My Sister a Happy Birthday

  1. From one K to another, happy birthday! (I’m sure you’re shocked that Green is *not* my real name.)

  2. The Girl

    Ya know ‘K’ as in Kay-Kay, Kakes or The Kaykanator is her nickname, along with Foxy Grandpa and Whitey. When she was born Joe Mamma told me that when ‘K’ turned 15 she was going to send her to live with me. I should be so lucky. I think if she were more like we were between 12-16 she’d be at my doorstep by morning.
    I don’t mean to confuse anyone with this~ but isn’t it weird that she takes more after Dad of Us than you do, Chump?

  3. I was what child psychologists call “A Dick”.


  4. kim

    Happy birthday to me? Wow! I am thrilled and surprised (seeing as it is not my bday) But thank….oh wait…I see, different k.

  5. melissa

    Love the “A Dick” part. Also the protective big brother part. So basically the whole thing.

    Happy Birthday K!

  6. I am the protective older sister so i totally understand.

    happy birthday K!

  7. K K’s dating will remain imaginary until shes 35, or until she sobers up.

  8. look broski, i dont know what your talking about. im a raging alcoholic and i shoot up heroine every night. i also stand on the corner with Jo, how do you think we pay the rent?

    No im just kidding, i am a weiner, but im not as GAYY as you make me sound. i am quite the badass though, i didnt wear my seatbelt yesterday. OHH IM BAAAAD. oh and if you ever calll me “k” again ill kick your ass. at least go with gimpy, cause i tore a ligament in my leg when mom dropped a shopping cart on me. true story.

    by the way i do have a boyfriend, but he plays yu-gi-oh so its all good. pretty self explanitory eh?

    kay im done bitchin’
    mother wants me to say something but i refuse cause im BAAAAAAAD.

  9. betheboy

    @K – whatever you say Boozy McGeee.

  10. Paul M.

    We all go through our teenage type shenanigans.
    But it’s how we end up as adults that counts.
    Happy birthday to your sister.

  11. The Girl

    Hey Gimpy- he called you ‘K’ again. Kick his ass with your messed up leg.
    Who’s Bad?

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