Little Help Here

Remember back in August when The Slackmistress and I were nominated for the Hot Blogger Calendar and she, not surprisingly, made it through a crowded field of hot ladies to win a spot on the calendar?   Well you may forget that I made it on the men’s side thanks to pity votes and my family casting ballots in exchange for me not pressing charges.

About a week and a half ago some of the winners met in New York to take pictures.  You may have noticed we we’re not there.  Because of prior commitments and financial issues (I’m still paying for the emergency surgery I had in March) we had to skip the shoot in NY.

Skipping the shoot means that The Slackmistress and I are in need of someone of the somewhat professional or fabulous amateur variety to take our photos for the Hot Blogger Calendar.  What’s the upside?  Our undying gratitude for one but even better than that, you get your photo, and credit of course, in a calendar that’s been burning up the blogosphere.  Plus we can probably find some way to make it worth your while with drinks and or food or some kind of barter deal.

If you can help us just email me at the address in the “Who Am I” section at the top of the page, or leave a comment and we’ll get in touch.  We need it done in the next 4 weeks, so time is most definitely not on our side (but we hope you are).



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9 responses to “Little Help Here

  1. mccrum

    I should assume you want to stay in Cali for this, correct? You’re not willing to fly to New York for me to take photos, are you? :)

  2. betheboy

    Sadly we must stay in LA.

  3. kim

    Go to Walmart or some uber cheap local studio and get really cheesy “studio” pics done a la 80’s
    It would be hilarious!

  4. I don’t know why you’re even asking about this. Who ever took those pics of the b-day celebration is great. Just ask them. EOS.

  5. hmm…did that sound too bossy? Because I think it sounded too bossy. Sorry about that.

  6. Is I-Forget-His-Name-Because-I-Was-So-Drunk not available?

    I would volunteer but my equipment sucks. I really should have become a photographer instead of a writer.

  7. Congo

    can’t you guys just grab a frame out of your sex tape?

  8. aliastaken

    I thought the whole reason you wanted to win was for the trip to NY. I hate it when things don’t work out the way you planned.

  9. Too bad you aren’t hamsters, dogs, or flowers. I do a fairly decent job photographing those things, but have never gotten the hang of doing good people shots. Good luck. There are a lot of talented people in this town.

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