The Metaphor Breaks Down

Don’t let this worry you, I just need to get this feeling off of my chest:

I woke up in Las Vegas before dawn on Sunday.  I was unable to fall back asleep and in the darkness I was  feeling unrecognizable.  I had gone to bed  fully intact and woken up broken, like a glass that had been knocked over.  This is not a new feeling.

The problem is and always has been the fact that I can’t figure out how the glass breaks when I know I tried to put it away so carefully.  The only cure for this feeling is sleep, which never comes fast enough.  All I want is to do while I lie awake is put myself  back together but instead I just feel around  in the dark and hope the pieces don’t cut too deeply.

I hope that you don’t know how I feel.

This concludes the “Betheboy examines his feelings” portion of the blog.



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12 responses to “The Metaphor Breaks Down

  1. yep…i totally get you. it’s a new feeling for me actually. i am always surprised when i wake up and feel that way. i never know when it will hit! hope you are feeling better.

  2. i am feeling that way right this second. hence the being awake and commenting your blog at 4am shit.

    i hope you feel better soon honey honey. because this is a shit feeling.

  3. Been there.

    You said it better than I ever could have.

  4. melissa

    I know.

    I’m sorry.

  5. Yup, Vegas’ll do that to you. It’s been doing it to me lately too. I hope you snap out of it soon, if you haven’t already.

  6. jen

    all the time.

    all the freaking time.


  7. kim

    I usually go into my backyard and let out a crazy person/wounded animal yell for as long and as loud as I can hold it. Seems to work for me most nights, pisses off my neighbors but I go right back to sleep.

  8. Yes, I get it too. For me it is typically a pointlessness that comes from out of no where and for no particular reason. Very dark and “unrecognizable.”

    You describe it very well, Will. Hope it has passed.

  9. betheboy

    Thanks everyone. the feeling is behind me but not out of mind completely. Just working through it.

  10. Darkness can be a vulnerable time.

  11. 9a

    I totally know how you feel … the worst part about me is I feel like the broken glass is my natural state sometimes and that no person or thing can patch me back together. Even when things are awesome.

    Which is very frustrating to me. (As you know I fight this little fight with myself all the time …) Being smarter than the average bear sucks sometimes. Glad you are feeling better!!

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