And We’re Back

It’s been an eventful few days since we last met here:

For starters, The Slackmistress had a birthday celebration on Thursday night at The Figueroa Hotel.  It was very well attended by some of the best people we know.  As far as birthdays go it was fantastic, thanks to everyone who helped make The Slackmistress Birthday week a success.  There are some party photos, taken by the fantastic Dan Spisak here.

While her birthday may have passed, my wife and I weren’t done celebrating. On Friday we hit the road for a whirlwind trip to Las Vegas for the wedding of two of our favorite people in the world (The Slackmistress should have pictures soon).  We made it there and back without going broke and I made it through two days in Vegas without smoking.  After seven months of not smoking I finally feel like I’ve quit for good.  More details on all of this later, have a great Monday everyone.



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7 responses to “And We’re Back

  1. Smoke free ~ good on ya.
    I haven’t stopped thinking about the short ribs grilled cheese sandwich…

  2. Ewww, the smoke is the worst part of Vegas. I can deal with the debauchery and the nakedness (mostly because I’m in to that sort of thing) but the smoke? I DRAW THE LINE!

    Anyway, welcome back! So had fun at the Fig but I’m never drinking champagne again. Wheee.

  3. Congratulations on not smoking. I know it isn’t easy but it’s the best gift you could ever give yourself.

  4. Congratulations on quitting. I did it as well with Chantix. So strange to not even get the urge when people are puffing around me.

  5. Glad ya’ll had a good time. From the photos it certainly appears so.

  6. cinchy

    The bday pictures are fabulous and it looked like everyone had a grand time.

    Congrats on the no smoking. I need to quit.

  7. kim

    Glad to hear birthday extravaganza was a success! As for the quitting smoking- I wish. Someone will have to tie me to a tree in the bush. Seriously.

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