Happy Birthday Slackmistress!

While I have been celebrating it for nearly a week already today is my wife’s actual birthday, so please go pay her a visit here and wish her a happy one.  In keeping with the format of the other posts this week, here are some pictures.

Here is the first known photo of us, from December 2006.

Here we are on her birthday last year.

Whenever people ask me how marriage has changed me, I tell them: “I start every day with two goals: to not do anything stupid and to end the day next to my wife.  I may not reach the first goal every day but if I accomplish the second one I’m pretty sure that everything else will be ok.”

Happy birthday baby, you’re the best thing In my life.



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11 responses to “Happy Birthday Slackmistress!

  1. Joel Longtine

    Happy Birthday, Slackmistress! Hope you have a great one! Thanks for all the well-wishes!

  2. God Will, make me cry why don’t you. You two are so lucky to have each other.

    Happy Birthday Slack. You are awesome and deserve a wonderful day!

  3. Burn

    Will, how much do you charge for a “Hitch” session for my boyfriend? LOL

  4. betheboy

    Burn – I haven’t see Hitch but I can try.

  5. le sigh…

    I love love. And you guys have lots of it.

  6. kim

    I love how much you love her.

  7. You guys make me squish. And give me faith in marriage. Yay!

  8. dvl

    supercuties to the Nth. ♥

  9. JT

    Jeez- even a jaded divorced asshole like myself is happy for you.

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