Welcome To The Slackmistress Birthday Week

It’s no secret that i think that The Slackmistress, is the best thing ever,  I probably wouldn’t have asked her marry me if i didn’t think she was awesome.  In addition to being great in every way I can think of she puts up with me and all of my silliness on a daily basis.

Here she is in her natural habitat:

If you look closely you can kinda see some side boob in that picture. It should be noted that I saw this picture of her before we actually met for the first time.  When I saw it I I scrambled to find the “Propose Immediately Button” on my computer but it turns out this doesn’t exist.  I had to wait a few weeks before we actually met in person and then I had to wait a full six weeks after that to propose (via blog).  This was probably the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, especially since she said yes (also via blog).

I mention this because her birthday is coming up and as tradition dictates she gets a full week to celebrate.  We actually started on the festivities on Friday thanks to two of the best weekend guests anyone could ever hope for and we’ll continue all week long.  For the record her actual birthday isn’t until Wednesday so you still have time to send her gifts and birthday wishes.

More to come on the birthday celebrations as they happen.



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29 responses to “Welcome To The Slackmistress Birthday Week

  1. kim

    Happy birthday week!

  2. I have 2 awesome friends with the same birthday as the Slackmistress. Also, I completely endorse the idea of celebrating one’s birthday for an entire week! Happy Birthday, Slackmistress!

  3. Happy Birthday Week to one of mah favorite people! :)

  4. Man, I need to get me a birthday week.
    Happy birthday!!

  5. Lisa R. (illuminato)

    Although being raised in a dysfunctional family had many faults, one of the best things instilled in my siblings and I growing up is that birthdays are good for a week. Make the most of it and enjoy even if you are only a participant and not the actual recipient. ;D

  6. Well, if my birthday lasted a whole week, it would butt right up to Slack’s. Oh well, it’s over. I hope you guys enjoy all of the celebrating!

  7. Birthday week is win! Happy birthday to The Slackmistress!!!

  8. vintagecaveman

    Happy Side Boob!…I mean, Happy Birthday Slack!

    That’s the thing about Freudian slips. You say one thing, and you mean your mother.

  9. Because my birthday is the day before a holiday (4th of July) my birthday usually lasts about a week as well. I am a little scared about next year since I am turning 30 and my 29th was pretty insane.

    Then again I’ll probably be living in some backwater place in Northen Minnesota by then if I don’t find a job, so whatever.

  10. p.s. I want to send Slack something but I need to double check your address. I know I have it written down on a scrap in my purse, but you know, who knows about these things.

  11. It’s my birthday week too. Clearly, October birthdays rock.

  12. I’m happy to point out that slack’s “natural habitat” is here in SF! Ha!

  13. It should be her birthday month!

  14. Happy Birthday Week, Slackmistress!
    My birthday usually falls on or near Memorial Day, and because hubby and friends are all military, they get four days off to celebrate it with me. Actually, it just ends up being four straight days of drinking, which is the most exciting thing anyway.

  15. Thanks, all!

    I get Columbus Day, aka “Hey, I Stole Your Country!” Day to celebrate. Not exactly the same ring to it…

  16. Myra

    Hey.. Isn’t that from my visit?

    Methinks you were already getting some of that. ;)

  17. betheboy

    Myra- Possibly, I may have to check my time line. It’s definitely from a SF trip but I don’t know which one.

  18. AJ

    I like to think of Birthday weeks kinda like dog years in reverse…

    Here’s wishing the lovely Slackmistress a wonderful week, and hoping that teacher lets her have lots of yummy juice and cookies in preschool.


    I think I need a nap.

    • Hi again Raggedy ~~ My friend Karenhas given me anethor Nice Matters award and I have to pass it on to 8 others. I have chosen you to receive one and hope you will be pleased. The logo is on top of my sidebar, and Karen on my blogroll. Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.

  19. Paul L.

    This is almost like that two-week-in-advance ten day shark week on the discovery cha

    nevermind, I thought there was a joke in there somewhere.

  20. Barbara

    Happy birthday Nina! Have a great birthday week, and rest of the year.

  21. Enjoy your weeklong celebration, SM. And BTB, thanks for the GBS.

  22. i love that picture, and what an awesome tribute to “she who improves your life”….

    happy birthday nina!!!

  23. Happy Birthday Slackmistress! Will, I’m not sure if you understand the concept of side-boob.

  24. betheboy

    BSG – Are you questioning my knowledge of boobs?

  25. That was the night-before-New Year’s at the Z bar in the W Hotel. ’24 Hour Party People’ was on in the background. It’s entirely possible that Trevor was there, a year before we even met. Myra was there, I have a photo that proves it, but it’s set on private. I wore what James Rocchi would later describe as my Michael Jackson Sweater. For some reason, even though I have a horrible memory, I have extremely clear memories of that night. I had a good time.

  26. melissa

    Happy Birthday Week, Nina!

  27. no, no, of course not! But SIDE BOOB is when you can see the actual boob through the side of the dress or bathing suit:
    What your wife has is DRAMATIC CLEAVAGE.

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