Chat Recap # 16

On Saturday night The Slackmistress and I held our 16th weekly live chat show. This week turned out to be kind of special because we not only had a live audience in the house, we had two very special guests.

If you didn’t catch it, here is what you missed:

  • A tripling in the number of attractive ladies on the show.
  • In depth debate about family members on Facebook
  • Tales of discovering parents doing it.
  • Awesome contributions from the viewers in the chat room.

If you couldn’t make it to the show, we’ve archived it here.  Just a reminder that we don’t have a show scheduled for next week since we’ll see you again on October 18th, same time, same place.



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4 responses to “Chat Recap # 16

  1. vintagecaveman

    If you guys aren’t going to be around next weekend I’m open to hosting some semblance of a chat.

    I promise you won’t have to look at my face the entire time.

  2. that was an absolute blast. also: no one should ever eat candy corn.

  3. kim

    I missed your chat but will dig through to find it as I’m VERY interested in the topic of “families on Facebook. My recently single father is on & though I’m glad he’s “getting out there” I REALLY don’t need to see his naked model of the day or who “thinks he’s hot” it’s the epitome of creeeeeepy!

  4. I had you guys on but was assembling furniture as well. My gay ex-husband J was being dirty around me and I’m not talented enough to watch, laugh, and hammer things in at the same time. :(

    He enjoyed the bits that he overheard while I was watching. That’s a huge compliment; he’s so gosh darned picky about things.

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