Purchases I Am Regretting

Blah, blah, blah.  I’m broke and the economy is uncertain.  I know, we’re all in this together but I was just thinking of some questionable things I’ve spent money on.  Money that could be going towards paying my rent.  I sure wish I had back the money I spent on:

Car Insurance – I’m probably jinxing myself but I have paid for car insurance for 15 years (except for the 9 months I drove without it) and haven’t needed it once.  I wish I could have that money now.

Emergency Surgery – What are they going to do, put my appendix back in?

A Bicycle– I own a bike, I bought it three years ago and for two of those yeas it has sat in my apartment unused with deflated tires. It is a two wheeled monument to wasteful spending.

Lousy Concerts – While I’ve seen more than my fair share of great concerts I’ve also wasted some good money on some awful shows.  Like that time Shane McGowan didn’t show up until midnight or that Big Star show when Alex Chilton periodically wandered off stage and generally appeared to be mad at the audience for showing up. Those were just money down the drain.  Same goes for every show I’ve ever seen at the Hollywood Bowl, it’s overpriced and overrated.  Oh wow, I can bring a picnic?  My wife and I can have a sandwich and a bottle of wine at our house while we play records and nobody will call the police if we want to do it while the music plays.

I guess there’s nothing I can do,  that money is gone.  I hope you haven’t wasted your money.



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17 responses to “Purchases I Am Regretting

  1. AJ

    While we’re being brutally honest here, I’ll just say it. While I can’t say it was really wasted — okay, maybe my daughter’s Freshman year at that snooty-ass private school in Texas…now THAT was a gawdawful waste — but I sure wouldn’t mind having a bit of the money back that we spent on putting our kids through college.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and was happy to foot the bill, but wouldn’t ya know it that the economy would turn south exactly nine months after they both graduated, just when my wife and I thought we’d be able to start having a life for ourselves after seven years?


    Guess if you look on the bright side though, I suppose it’s better that things got tough after they graduated instead of before or during…

  2. Congo

    I can’t speak to the financial aspect of things, but I sure have wasted a lot of semen.

  3. now, don’t tell, but I don’t think we pay for insurance… I could be wrong since I don’t ever drive and I only handle online bills. I know it’s not good but I think I choose to ignore that. Tyler has never been in an accident in the last 10 years of driving. People often hit him (parked) in parking lots and then give him money and that seems to be it. I don’t know for how long we’ve been living on the edge but sometimes it’s a little scary. I think we save a lot of money though, so, there is that….

    otherwise… I feel like cat food is a big waste, shoudn’t they be eating rats?

  4. When I read your “Lousy Concerts” section, I laughed so hard that I peed a little. Which was also pretty funny, so I had to snarffle about that. Also, my laughing that hard resulted in my being convinced I had pulled something on my right side.

    Yeah, you did ok by me yesterday, so I am officially reversing yesterday’s decision that Wednesday of my birthday week sucked. It didn’t.


  5. I was in three accidents in six months. Five total in three years. NONE of them were my fault. Pay for the car insurance.

    If your great grandmother were here, she’d say not paying for insurance brings on the “mal och”

  6. betheboy

    V-Girl – I know what you mean. I’ll pay it because I don’t want to take a chance. I just wish I could have the money back that I paid in the past when I didn’t need to use it.

  7. I pay for our car insurance and food. Will pays rent. I think we could sublet our apartment and live out with the cats in back in a hobo shantytown.

    BTW, more items added to l’eBay.

  8. I’d recommend you get the $1 or $3 tickets for the Bowl. They usually sell out first though, of course.

  9. kim

    Hobo shanty towns are underrated. Free entertainment, being one with nature, the smell of a crackling fire in an oil drum…….

  10. betheboy

    Lets not forget that they are hotbeds of free sodomy.

  11. kim

    Ahhh yes. The sodomy factor makes one wonder why we don’t all live there……….

  12. vintagecaveman

    Never needed car insurance once?….

    What about the time you were hit by a truck?

  13. betheboy

    Good question, handled that one without insurance. Straight cash homey.

  14. “They” should totally make it standard procedure that if you don’t pay your medical bills, they undo the work they did. Rebreak that arm, stat!

  15. betheboy

    Grace I’ll bet they through my appendix out so they will need to put in another person’s. They’ll give me the appendix of a crazy person and I’ll probably turn evil.

  16. aliastaken

    I like my weed money back, thanks.

  17. Will Campbell

    From someone such as myself who pushes pedals a helluva lot more than he pushes accelerators (but since he does the latter thus still must pay for car insurance, gah!), don’t beat yourself up over your bicycle as being wastefully purchased. Look at it more as an unrealized investment rather than a useless one.

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