Financial Freedom Starts With Tacos

With the economy in peril,* The Slackmistress and I have been taking some drastic financial steps.  She has begun a large scale eBay sell-off of stuff she does not wear anymore and I have switched to cheap, make that cheaper gin.  We also made our first trip to $1 Taco Tuesday at a place I called El Burrito Chicken Wing**.

You can find the blogger who invited us to $1 tacos here.

You can find The Slackmistress’ eBay items here.

If you can find cheaper gin, it’s probably paint thinner.

*While the regular economy is in ruins, the store by my house that sells giant belt buckles, and ONLY giant belt buckles was doing a brisk business today.  I’m glad to see that the ironic economy hasn’t taken a hit this week.

**I probably got that name wrong.



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18 responses to “Financial Freedom Starts With Tacos

  1. Thrilled that I could introduce you to the magic of $1 tacos. Long live El Burrito Chicken Wing!

  2. Generally speaking, I tend to consider $1 anything a pretty good deal. Clearly it isn’t a universal truth, but I’d say it holds true under most normal circumstances.

    That said, Rubio’s usually does $1 fish tacos on Tuesday. You know, in case you ever want to switch it up and go with the corporate alternative to el burrito chicken wing. I’m a fan of the fish tacos, something that just sounded bizarre to a good Midwest boy like me two short years ago, before Hollywood changed me.

  3. Will doesn’t eat fish. However, Fish Tacos are as close to heaven as I get some days…

  4. Hey, I’m all for cheap tacos but cheap gin? Yikes! What could you possibly mix it with to take away that cheap gin taste? It’s not like cheap vodka (which I know all about) that can be hidden in a blood mary. If it’s gin, it’s gotta be Tanquery & Tonic or a Beefeater’s Martini. And they are both expensive…which is why I drink cheap vodka. :)

  5. betheboy

    Preston – I have a taste for terrible Gin, the cheaper the better, with Tonic.

  6. I just switched to cheap rum yesterday. It was a little rough going down, but got the job done.

  7. long live hobo booze. seriously i dont drink anything will’s neighbors couldn’t afford.

  8. I’ll get you some of these next time I fly Ryanair. The gin is truly foul – and portable, too!

  9. I thought I was the only one who liked cheap gin. I actually like the “Military Special” gin here at the Army post I live at. I kick it old school and mix it with orange juice. I try not to consume it too often, as I often end up trying to fight someone or sobbing incontrollably for no reason.

  10. As an economist I can tell you it is no surprise the belt buckle store is doing well. The banks have restricted access to credit so people can’t charge their McDonalds.. thusly ergo they’re getting thinner and are tightening their belts and as a result breaking their belt buckles. Economic Tough Times = Belt Buckle Boom.

    Cost Saving Tip – Only read blogs, don’t buy magazines.

    In the interest of full disclosure I’m not an actual economist.

  11. betheboy

    Catherine & Erin – All hail cheap drinks.

    Kiki – The internet is a treasure trove of free information. Also, your belt theory seems pretty sound.

  12. JT

    Try Greenall’s gin if you can find it out there. Reasonably priced, and distilled by the same master distiller as Bombay Sapphire.

    Also, she’s one of only two female master distillers in the world.

  13. An entire store to sell belt buckles? Wow. Just wow.

  14. kim

    Ahh… cheap booze. There really is nothing like it. The mild side effects (blindness and the urge to pick random fights) are truly small prices to pay for the good hard slap in the face that is a stiff one made with bargain booze.

  15. Is this the place to brag that I can make bathtub gin? Because I can.

  16. Which is not at all shocking considering that I live in TX.

  17. @Swirly: But we can’t make bathtub gin, because our bathtub has had poop in it.

  18. Oh yes, I forgot about that. You could always build your own still. Because I’ve done that as well …but we kept that in the tub too.

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