Rock and Roll Time Machine

Thanks to this blog I saw Mission of Burma last night and I didn’t even need to use The Rock and Roll Time Machine.  Because I’ve kept it secret you’ve never heard of The Rock and Roll Time Machine until now, but it’s  time I told you about it.  The Rock and Roll Time Machine is an invention that I’ve been working on that can take you to concerts that you missed.  This machine is helpful when you want to see a band who broke up before you got to see them.

For years I though Mission of Burma would be a Time Machine band but they surprised me twice, first by getting back together earlier this decade and second by releasing two records that are as good as their early 80’s stuff.  Now that I’ve finally seen them live (and they kicked ass) I can focus my time machine attention on other bands I missed.  As soon as I get the machine working right I’m heading straight to a Husker Du concert and then looking to see where in the past The Minutemen and The Jam are playing.  There are dozens more I’d like to see but those three ae a good start.

What about you; who would you go see with your musical time machine?  I promise not to make fun of your choices.

While you ponder that, here’s a classic Mission of Burma song:



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27 responses to “Rock and Roll Time Machine

  1. The Rock and Roll Time Machine of Swirly Girl:
    -The Kinks
    -the pogues.

  2. The Beatles


    Benny Goodman

    Glenn Miller

    Enrico Caruso

    REM in 1985

    U2 in 1986

  3. This is easy:
    Bob Dylan & The Hawks – UK 1966
    The Who – anytime between 1968 – 1973
    Rolling Stones – 1972-1973
    The Clash – 1980

    I saw all of the folks above, but not quite in their prime.

    These people, I’ve never seen:
    The Velvet Underground – 1967-69
    Led Zeppelin – 1975
    Television – 1978
    Husker Du – 1987 (true story: made a road trip from Fresno to San Francisco in ’87 to see my friends’ band play instead of Husker Du — who were also playing SF that night — because I assumed the Huskers would be around forever!)

    Everybody else I’ve loved, I’ve pretty much seen at least once.

  4. Of those that I’ve never seen:

    Led Zeppelin is #1, by far. I still have steamy dreams about Robert Plant in those tight bell bottoms.

    I’d also love to see Blind Melon. I love Shannon Hoon’s voice. Oh…and Soundgarden before they broke up.

    But there are two concerts that I went to/almost went to that I’d like a do-over for.

    1. Santana. I went to a world music festival at The Gorge in Washington (best music venue EVER) where they were headlining. Instead of seeing Santana in all his glory, I chose to have sex with my high school BF in the back of his truck.

    2. Grateful Dead. I’m not a huge fan, but they were iconic. I had tickets, but I got grounded when I forgot to come home once (it was the first time I did acid.)

  5. The Clash at Bonds Casino. The Clash anywhere, really.

    Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros, St. Ann Warehouse NYC 2001

    I’m sure there are other non-Clash-related shows, but I can’t think of any at the moment.

  6. Miles Davis, once in each decade from the ’50s through the ’80s.

    John Coltrane, once in the early ’60s and once in the late ’60s

    Albert Ayler

    Can the time machine take me to the basement of Big Pink in ’67 to listen to Dylan and the soon-to-be Band mess around?

  7. betheboy

    Chuck – I’ll allow the Big Pink exception.

    Good choices by everyone so far

  8. -Serge Gainsbourg
    -Jacques Brel
    -Oingo Boingo
    -Tones On Tail

    …for a start.

  9. Joy Division first and formost.

    Id say the Pouges but they just recently toured so thats my own lazy ass’s fault.

  10. Awesome with the Big Pink exception! As a side benefit, you’d probably get to play, as well.

    But, isn’t which studio sessions you get to be a fly on the wall at a totally separate post?

  11. betheboy

    Jim – Yes, it probably should be one on it’s own. Feel free to jump on that one if i don’t first.

  12. I’d love to go back and see Elvis Costello in the 70’s or early 80’s. And I’d like to go back and see Frank Zappa in concert.

  13. Most of mine have been take above. I’d only add the Police Synchronicity tour (because I wasn’t allowed to go in 7th grade and I was convinced I’d missed the Second Coming or something) and David Lee Roth-era Van Halen. Because I bet that would have been fun. More fun that Kenny Loggins, anyway. Whoa-oh!

  14. The Fella

    XTC (Preferably the Live at BBC Radio 1 concert)
    Johnny Cash

  15. Good call, maceelaine. I want to add Zappa to my list. Oh, and Capt. Beefheart!

  16. pacolongisland

    Charlie Parker-1953 @Massey Hall in Toronto (played with Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Max Roach, & Charlie Mingus)
    Ozzy Osbourne-1981
    Black Sabbath-1973/74
    Lynyrd Skynyrd-1976/77

  17. i don’t trust you to not make fun of me.

    discotrash: excellent choice, i’m going second that one. i only recently discovered them/they and it was a mighty discovery. saw the bio movie, want to read the book next.

    my next choice? buddy fucking holly.

  18. David Bowie:
    10/15/72 Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis
    10/20/72 Santa Monica Civic. Los Angeles
    (remember hearing the ads for the Spiders tour stop in St. Louis, but couldn’t get my parents to drive me!)

    2/13/79 Agora Ballroom, Cleveland with Joe Ely and Bo Diddley
    (of course, I stayed in Columbia, MO for a Spanish final instead of going with my pals to the show. They shared the Greatest Road Trip story ever, and I need your time machine to experience it for myself.)

    Pink Floyd:
    3/6/73 Kiel Opera House, St. Louis
    (Had 6th row tickets – got mono – never forgave my parents for keeping me home)

    7/4/76 Roundhouse, London
    (Arguably the show that galvanized the London scene and led to the punk explosion. And they weren’t even the headliners – the Flamin’ Groovies were, with the Stranglers opening.)

    Led Zeppelin:
    Any tour, any show
    (The only artist on my list I have never experienced live)

  19. FYI, for those of us who have Led Zep on our lists:

    Summer of 2009! Start saving up those bucks for tickets now…

  20. I twittered this answer. Here it is again, and no laughing:

    Concrete Blonde

  21. After taking a “Doors Tour” of Sunset Blvd and Santa Monica while in Hollywood last week… I’ve drifted back and often wonder about Jim Morrison and The Doors….

    My list is long… but thats the one for now.

  22. Are you gonna stick to that ban proclamation or not? :)

  23. Paul

    I like music from the 1970s. Guess I need a time
    machine and go back to the music of my childhood.
    Do people remember albums anymore?

  24. betheboy

    Here at betheboy we are very pro album. No need for a time machine in this house.

  25. while I missed the L.A. show where they did VS , I did catch them the next night in SF where they did Signals/Calls/Marches. It was the shit.

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