One Link and One Story

1- Have you ever wanted to hear me rave about one of my favorite records of all time and download sample tracks in the process?  We’ll you can because the always outstanding Aquarium Drunkard has posted a few things I had to say about the best record of the 21st century.  Can you guess the record?  Here’s a hint: I’ve mentioned the artist twice already this week.

2- While the closing of Yankee Stadium gets all of the press, Shea Stadium, the place where my favorite team plays is closing for good at the end of this season.  Like Yankee Stadium it will be demolished once the season is over but The Mets still have a shot (however faint) to make the playoffs and extend the parks life for a few more games.  In honor of the soon to be former home of the New York Mets I’d like to share once again, the story of my first trip to see them play at Shea:

That Old Ballgame

On June 21st 1984, a few days after my 10th birthday, I attended my first major league baseball game, not with my dad but with the patrons of a local bar who had managed to commandeer 30 tickets and a school bus. When the school bus full of grown men and beer pulled up my mom had no issues with sending me off to the game. Off we went. That night there was no score keeping, there were no home runs and no catching foul balls. There was lots of drinking, and fighting, and getting pulled over, and a stripper. At some point the Mets played the Expos too, since this was the brief period when Pete Rose was an Expo I got to yell “Pete Rose sucks”. My first game and I jeered the guy with more hits than anyone in history. To be fair, I told every Montreal player to fuck of at some point that night as well as many of the Mets, but I was pretty drunk by game time anyway.

On the way home there was a lot of sleeping on the bus and a lot of throwing up, nobody talked about the game. Rather than drop me off back home they took me back to the bar with them. Eventually my mom showed up, and we all hung out there a while before going home.



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3 responses to “One Link and One Story

  1. Will, this story never gets old and Ive read it twice now I think. :)

  2. Your first major league game was on the day I was born!

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