Till Human Voices Wake Us, And We Drown

Yesterday I posted a clip of Greg Cartwright, my personal Rock and Roll Hero playing a one of my favorite songs.  I’m glad that someone had the foresight to record the song (Live The Life) because he absolutely kills it.  I’m always happy to see someone keeping a record of live music for posterity (with the band’s approval of course) because I never think to do it.  I’ve been to hundreds of live shows and I’ve never once taken a photo or shot a second of video, not even on my phone because I’m afraid to miss the moment when the music hits me just right.

Whenever I go to see live music and it’s really good, three things always happen. There’s that moment when the music catches me just right and I get lost in the sound.  There’s that moment in between the last note and house lights going when I hope that somehow it’s going to continue all night.  Finally there’s the moment I walk outside and my ears may be ringing and I may be tired but I feel fantastic because I can’t really feel myself touching the ground.  It’s that last one that really sticks with me but it needs the first two in order to work and I never know when they are going to happen so I can’t waste time recording what’s going on or I’ll miss it.   The best times of my life, musical and otherwise, have involved getting lost in the moment and hoping it would last forever,  like the time I dumped a 55 gallon drum of super bounce balls down a flight of stairs or the first time I met my wife (I did not push her down the stairs).

I’m thinking about getting lost in the great moments because at the present time I’m stuck in a lousy one that I can’t shake.  I’m stressed because I feel stuck, like everyone else I know, I’m working hard but not taking home enough money.  I like what I’m doing but it’s a struggle to make ends meet right now.  I grew up poor so I tend to always believe I’ll find a way but I’m stressing about this one and wondering what I’m going to do.  This is the reverse of that great live music feeling so I’m trying to hold it at bay with the help of a live performance that someone was good enough to record just in case someone needed it.

Here’s the post with that song in case you want to hear it.



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10 responses to “Till Human Voices Wake Us, And We Drown

  1. I’ve never been to a concert. You kind of make me want to go some time.

  2. I’m waiting for my great moment too.

  3. melissa

    This is why I read your blog.

  4. i love the way you’ve described getting lost in a moment, it’s perfect.

    as for those bouncy balls, i love finding stuff like that to do and reveling in the sheer joy of something so simple.

    in fact, today i’m going to the dollar store to buy mass quantities of balls and when my son gets home from school, we’re going to dump bouncy balls down the stairs. thanks for the idea will.

    all of this will pass, as you know. i’ve never understood the necessity for suffering, but i do know that through each journey i gain something new that i will need in the road ahead.

    you are an awesome writer, better than some that have cushy jobs in magazines. how about submitting some of your stories to random places? it almost seems like the better writer you are, the more afraid you are to submit them.

  5. Jen

    you. are. awesome.

  6. It’s important to hang onto those great moments because they can get us through the not so great ones. I hope things change for you soon. Life can be a real bitch some days.

  7. i love your description of getting lost in the music. and how you feel when you leave a concert. perfect. made me smile. i love that feeling.

  8. i completely feel you on the money thing. ive never not had a steady income so the thought that i have to depend on unemployment for the next few months is terrifying and probably making me a real asshole.

    but the concert thing, i feel you on that too. about a week before i got laid off i went to see reggie and the full effect and had a really amazing experience that really did carry me through the shitty week leading up to my jobs untimely demise.

  9. Is there any way UP (or sideways and then up) at your current job, or do you feel like you’ve reached the top of the ladder you’re on?

  10. JT

    Cheers, kid. For the first time in my life, I truly, truly love my job. I’m going goddamn broke doing it, but I’ve got this maniacal face I keep plastering on…fuck it. Everything will be alright. It has to.

    Much love.

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