Today Is A Special Day

If you’re keeping score at home today marks the 5th aniversary of Be The Boy.  Please commemorate the occasion any way you see fit.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading, commenting and generally being awesome.  I’d also like to thank the reader who married me, that’s dedication.

When I started this blog I didn’t want anything from it but I’ve gotten more than I’ve ever hoped for thanks to all of you.  I hope you don’t mind if I stick around a little while longer.



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22 responses to “Today Is A Special Day

  1. I’m glad you’re around!

    In celebration, I will eat a cookie. A chocolate chip cookie. With some milk. Cheers!

  2. happy anniversary will! i fear if you didn’t stick around, i might have to hunt you down and force you to write. you know, just like in that movie.

  3. And I will steal another sip of Novy’s whiskey.

    And thank The Sneeze for leading me to you.

    (Are you reading, Steve? Thank you!)

  4. Aww. (My blog is older than your blog. Is it a contest? If it’s a contest, I WIN!)

  5. Congrats on the Fifth Anniversary of your fine blog, Will!

    I was considering a traditional gift to send you on such an auspicious occasion, but given that the traditional fifth anniversary material is wood, I figured that you probably had enough of that already (not to mention that I really didn’t relish the thought of you telling your friends that I gave you wood).

    So instead I hope a sixer of Oly will suffice (it’s the water…and a lot more, you know…). Cheers to you and the lovely Slackmistress.

  6. This calls for some PENASOL!

  7. This seems like the perfect post to let you know that you are being featured on Five Star Friday:

  8. “Congrats” and may it last another 50 years!

    And I’m mad at Art for stealing the Peansol line.

    Thanks, Art.

  9. Happy, happy. You are one of the first blogs I’d ever stumbled upon and I’m still laughing.

  10. melissa

    Happy happy anniversary Will. You weren’t the first blog I ever read but I think you were at most the third. And the third time is? A charm. I’m so glad you’re still blogging and having this much fun.

  11. JT

    Congrats buddy! To celebrate the fact that your fifth anniversary coincides with International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the pants are coming off and staying off all day.

  12. This calls for drinks! Not necessarily for you, but, for me.

    Happy Birthday, blog.

  13. All I’ve got to say is you’re lucky Slackmistress got to you first.

  14. Happy blogiversary! I hope you continue to stick around.

    Unfortunately I have no alcohol, so I’ll have to drink a toast to you with Mountain Dew.

  15. Marisa

    here’s a special day question.

    how does having sex with a midget compare to eating with one?

  16. betheboy

    Good question Marisa, I’m going to have to think that one over.

  17. Paul L.

    I’m celebrating by borrowing tapes and cd’s from everyone I know!

  18. bongo

    I masturbated in your honor.

    (But totally not in a gay way or anything.)

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