Figuring Things Out

I Was Wrong When I Said I’d Never:

  • Listen To The Eagles of Death Metal – It only took me four years to realize they rock despite having the worst name since Colonel Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit (yes that is a real band name).
  • Miss My Hometown – Damn you Long Island why are you so awesome in my faulty memory? It seems that my recent bout of feeling down can be traced across the country, straight back to where I grew up and went to school. I love, LOVE Los Angeles but every year around this time I feel the urge to go home, ride the Long Island Railroad, visit all eight houses I lived in, see family and friends and maybe drink in parking lot for old times sake. Finances make this impossible at the moment but I’ll get there soon.


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8 responses to “Figuring Things Out

  1. Maybe it’s impending autumn? I can’t say I feel homesick every year at this time (my bouts of homesickness don’t seem to be time-specific), but a few days ago, I was craving the quiche at a certain restaurant in Laramie, and riding my bike yesterday, I wished I was riding near the UW campus. (Which caused an odd mental double-vision thing when I turned into an alley that reminded me of my aunt’s old neighborhood in West Texas.)

  2. I think it’s the weather. you said so yourself that LA doesn’t change. There’s something to be said for going from summer to fall.

  3. I miss my hometown too. Last time I was in Palm Springs was when my youngest son got married in May of 2007.
    Now my eldest son is getting married in Nov.2008 and I will be back for a visit.
    When I get out there I will have to see if my middle son has got any upcoming nuptials or plans of finding a serious girl. Then I can start to planning my next trip back.

    I think with me its not that I miss my hometown, I just miss my kids .

  4. JT

    I saw Colonel Bruce play back in 1997/98, so I can vouch for the fact that they exist.

  5. I get so homesick every spring (I live in PA now but grew up in the desert) that it is an actual physical ache.

    I always sneered at parents with screaming children in grocery stores/restaurants/waiting rooms and said “I will NEVER LET MY KIDS DO THAT!” Yeah, God laughed so hard I now have four. Did I really need to learn the lesson that hard? I never thought I’d say “because I said so” or “when I was a kid… (fill in the sanctimonious memory)” but they do drive you to extremes at times.

  6. Paul L.

    When will you re-a-lize/Vi-enna (Hauppauge, Coram, Lindenhurst, Bellmore, Yaphank) waits for yoooouuuuu…

  7. I hear ya brother, ‘cept my homesickness runs to the opposite coast.

    While I am now certain I would never live in L.A. again, I still just GOTTA get back to SoCal at least every couple a’ years. That being said, this recent trip in August was fabulous, and will sustain me for at least another little while.

    Hang in there bro, you’ll get back soon enough…

    …And do you mean to tell me that Don Henley hasn’t sued that band for copyright infringement yet?

    I’m shocked…

  8. kim

    I said I’d never buy my dog fuzzy sweater and have found myself doing just that. I was gagging while I did it, but I still did it. The internal radar of dogs from around the world tweaked and they are all now glaring at me.

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